CrossFit Strongman at CFSTC!

What is CrossFit Strongman?

CrossFit Strongman is a program that has been developed for both men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Its purpose is to integrate strongman movements into the CrossFit model that revolves around constant variation. CrossFit Strongman is a  fun and exciting ways to increase our strength and power while simultaneously enhancing our overall fitness. CrossFit Strongman is a pathway for all people to gain strength and improve as athletes while having fun in the process.

Why Do CrossFit Strongman?

CrossFit Strongman has a variety of workout formats and incorporates “odd objects” that would never be seen in a traditional gym. Not only does this present an environment resembling an adult playground, it also helps us better develop functional movements that we frequently use outside of the gym. Since strongman objects are less convenient to lift than a barbell, we become more efficient at lifting loads that we encounter in our daily lives, like lifting a grocery bag or even a child. Likewise, our performance will also improve when we return to using more convenient equipment, like a barbell.

CrossFit Strongman can improve our overall fitness and prepare us for any surprises that life sends our way.

The magic and beauty of Strongman is that anyone can do it. The movements are simple yet powerful. It is a great opportunity for any athlete to get the benefits of explosive movements without the complexity of a barbell. It’s also a great way to train hip and leg drive which are vital to the advanced skills of the Olympic Lifts.

Our Program

In a typical session, we will expose you to, train on and use a strongman skill and implement that skill into a short duration, very high intensity workout.  This is an extremely effective– and fun – way for anyone to increase strength without using a barbell. Because of the awkward size, shape and consistency of the objects in strongman, the lifts tend to be less efficient than those done with a barbell, but are (overall) easier to master and take much less time to become proficient at than the Olympic lifts. These exercises challenge the neuromuscular system in a way a barbell cannot and better mimic challenges found in real life. athletes will learn to lift Atlas stones and sand bags, carry a variety of odd objects, perform farmer’s carries, flip tires, and push and pull sleds, prowlers and other basic objects.  Athletes will also press or load kegs, stones and logs at their relative level of strength.

CrossFit St. Charles Strongman is a Wednesday evening at 5pm course that runs within a 6 week block starting Juy 10-14th. The duration of each class will be  60 minutes. Classes will be held both indoors and out. Since the movements are learned quickly, there are no prerequisites to attend.

Our program is open to current CrossFit St.Charles members and non-members alike, but limited to 12 athletes.


Classes May Include:

  • Atlas Stone Lifts/Carries
  • Farmer’s Walks
  • Keg Lifts/Carries
  • Prowler Sled Pushes
  • Sand Bag Carries
  • Tire Flips
    And More…

CrossFit Strongman at CFSTC

Date: July 10-Aug 4 Wednesdays
Time: 5:00pm
Price: $70 (15% discount for CFSTC Members)
Enroll: CrossFit Strongman Course at CFSTC


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