7 x 3 Behind the neck snatch grip push press.  In your 7 sets work up to a heavy triple.

Follow that with 3 x 10 Westside Situps (65/45)


12 Minute AMRAP

12 Barbell Good Mornings 95/65

12 Push Ups

10 Max Effort Broad Jumps

+Comp Philosophy & Description

10410811_4350357653471_246278093016387037_n Michelle at the 2014 St. Louis Affiliate Cup

If you’re reading this, then you have an interest in fine tuning your skill set. Maybe you have a desire to become well rounded in the sport of CrossFit, or maybe you just want to see what your body is really capable of. Either way you’re driven towards excellence. The +Comp aims to fulfill this drive.

Mindset: Only Stronger and Weaker Exist

In our constant pursuit of all around excellence, life can get in the way. Excuses, no matter how valid, are still excuses. You cannot control the obstacles that life will place in front of you and your goals. No matter how much you wish to believe you control everything, you don’t. You control your reaction to these obstacles. Your reaction falls within 2 categories: stronger or weaker.

In regards to training, this mindset is all but critical. Intensity and consistency are the keys to success with fitness. Two variables that originate from a stronger mind. We apply these variables to 4 major categories of training:

1.) Nutrition
-A car can’t run without the proper fuel. What makes you think you can?

2.) Training sessions
-No matter the day, a positive attitude toward training is crucial. We have to view things differently. Instead of thinking you failed, you missed and can try again. Instead of believing you can’t do something, believe you simply haven’t yet. Remember “I can’t” = “I won’t”… When your coach asks you to do something…do it. We always have your best intentions in mind.

3.) Physical recovery
-Mobility + nutrition + sleep/rest + more mobility.

4.) Mental Recovery
-This varies for each individual. Reset yourself so you always feel refreshed. Spend time with loved ones, meditate, laugh, or simply enjoy your existence doing whatever makes you happy.

This mindset goes far beyond just that in the gym. Every day you have the choice to be stronger or to be weaker. You choose to accept an excuse as valid reasoning, you choose to let external factors guide your life. It’s also a choice to push past boundaries and guidelines others would view as undoable. A choice in which those who make accept and understand that pain and suffering are part of the effort in the task and go forward willingly, while the majority would refuse or fold. You control your actions, mentality and perception of the world.

You are your own worst enemy. Your mental state and approach to all things, not just fitness, shape the path to your own success. Your success is whatever you want it to be. With that said this mindset is not solely for competitors. It’s for everyone.


The program will structure a particular set of skills for a set period of time in order to maximize skill development, and or enhance work capacity with a particular skill. These skills will further prepare you for the demanded ability of life, local CrossFit competitions and the annual CrossFit Games Open. The program is meant to be implemented with the everyday CrossFit St. Charles WOD and is expected to be completed after class if the option is available, on one’s own time, or during open gym hours. Depending on the day and if the coach approves it, the +C work can be completed during class hours.  

Requirements/ Recording:

For participation in +Comp Olympic Weightlifting work consistent attendance to the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting class or White Light Olympic Weightlifting class is required. Other than that the only requirement to participating in the +C program is to put in the extra work and to record your work in “Beyond The Whiteboard”. Special instructions on how to record will be given if they are needed, otherwise simply note the workout (example: If the +C work is EMOMx10 snatch, record the weight and how it felt). Any questions about signing into Beyond the Whiteboard, contact Kim or Ben.



Choose one or two of the following skills to address for the day
1.) Muscle Up
2.) Handstand/ Handstand Walking
3.) Double Unders


There sure is one

What’s for dinner?
Jan 31- Mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet 7am warm ups
March 1-CrossFit Open Community Throwdown hosted by CrossFit Maryland Heights
CrossFit Open!



[wod date=”2015-1-27″]

What’s for dinner?
Jan 31- Mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet 7am warm ups
Jan 17-Saturday Field trip to O’Fallon Farmers Market 9:15a
Only 4 weeks until the CrossFit Open!



3 Rounds for total reps

1 Minute Power Cleans (155/110)

1 Minute of Shuttle Sprints (20′ FWD / 20′ BKWD)

1 Minute Deadlifts (245/175)

1 Minute Burpees

1 Minute KB Split Jerks (45/25)

1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

Athlete Spotlight- Jessie S. part 2


Continued from part 1…
No one at the gym has ever told me I cannot do something. No one has ever used my body type or my history as a non-athlete to excuse me from trying. In the last year I’ve been taught that if I have the attitude and the drive I can accomplish whatever I want. This attitude that I’m surrounded by at the gym has cultivated in me an appreciation for my body and has transferred to so many other things in my life as well! I catch myself thinking “If I want to do it, I’ll do it” all the time! I used to never think like that. I was always limited by my body or fears.

My attitude now is that I can do hard things. I can do things I want to do. The mindset I want to hand down to my daughter is that even if I can’t do something today, I can someday. As the mother of a little girl I want my daughter to know that it’s okay to be happy about her body. I want to teach her to not fall into the habit of saying “too bad I don’t have a thigh gap” or “I wish my arms were skinnier” and to instead value her body for what it can do and what she can teach it to do! I don’t want her to fall into the trap so many women do of body shaming and hate. I’m so happy that CrossFit came to me at the time it did and taught me to value my body. I know my daughter will pick up on this and reap the benefits of CrossFit St. Charles’ investment in me.

Thank your body, and work out because you love your body. A hard WOD isn’t a punishment to your body but a treat! It’s a chance to prove that you are stronger than how you feel, you are stronger than negative self-talk, and you can do hard things.