“The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam.  So remember that.  Relax.  Have fun.  Work out.”  -Pat Sherwood


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March 29th -CrossFit Open Community Throwdown!-Location CrossFit TnT
Start up time is 1:00pm, bring your friends!
What’s for dinner?
CrossFit Open is HERE!


Following the warm up you’ll have the rest of the class to accomplish the following.  Depending on equipment requirements you may do the work in whatever order you wish.

A.  Complete Six non-stop trips across the parking lot with the Prowler.  Stopping in the middle is a no rep.  Score = total weight “Prowler’d”.    For example, if you push 100 lbs across the lot 2 times, then go into beast mode and push 250 for 4 trips,  your score is  100×2 plus 250×4 = 1200.

B. Complete 5 rounds of the following barbell complex (75/45)  Rest  90 seconds between rounds

6 reps each –

Bent Over Row


Hang Clean

Pogo Hop


Good Morning

Hang Snatch

Bicep Curl  (Hell yea..  You know you love ’em!)




OSWE. Coach Jermey & Coach Ingrid getting to business



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*Attention! The CrossFit Open Community Throwdown is at our place this        Sunday, 3-22!
Start up time will be 1:00pm, see you all there!

March 22th -CrossFit Open Community Throwdown-Location CrossFit St. Charles
Start up time is 1:00pm
What’s for dinner?
CrossFit Open is HERE!