Wednesday – Level Up Training

Maintenance Mobility
-Doorway Stretch
-Banded Distraction Shoulder Stretch
-Pigeon Stretch
-Couch Stretch
-Foam Roll
-Lacrosse Ball

Spend 2-5 minutes working on each of the following.  Go to the Train Heroic app or website and click “Tips” for video demos!

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Bring a Friend Day May 18th!
Memorial Day Murph WOD & Potluck May 29th @9:00am

Wednesday – Angie Is Athlete of the Month!

How about a huge shoutout to Angie Weber, she is Athlete of the Month!!! Be sure to drop her a fist pump next time you see her!
1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us?
I started with CFSC on a whim through the New You program back in May, of 2016. Best decision I’ve made in a really long time. 
2. Favorite Workout and why?
Currently I like anything on the bar… specifically any form of a pull-up because I feel really cool doing them, ha! 
3. Least favorite workout and why?
You really nailed it a few weeks ago with my three least favorite movements:walking lunges, running, and rowing. I never thought it was possible to see all those movements in a single WOD. I flat lined that day. 

4. Best part of working out with the 5:00pm crew?
My classmates hands down and the coaches. Everyone exudes positivity and it’s addicting. No matter what kind of day Ive had I can always bank on being surrounded by good people at 5pm. Plus, who would count for Allen if I went to a different time? 
5. Whats the wallpaper on your phone right now? (describe or screenshot)
My pup, Ruby!! She’s such a lady! Ha! 

6. What does your most frequently used Emoji tab look like? (screenshot)
I think it’s the eye balls ? aka holy Toledo! oh snap! cheese and crackers! Typically when something really big just went down. 
7. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?
I was struggling with this one, I was thinking a dog because they are known for being loyal and friendly. I literally just took a quiz to help…. I got a skunk. Apparently I’m good at defending myself it says. That was great. I think I will stick with a pup
8. If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?
To be able to read people’s minds, that would remove a lot of day to day leg work I feel like. 
9. Whats the Angie Motto?
What my Dad has instilled in not only me, but my siblings since we were kids, and that’s to live in the moment. Control what you can and let the rest of life’s shenanigans come as they may.

6-9-12-9-6 reps for time of:
Front Squat, 185/135
Chest to Bar Pull ups

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Bring a Friend Day May 18th!
Memorial Day Murph WOD & Potluck May 29th @9:00am

Whole Life Challenge

Elisabeth talks about her first Whole Life Challenge and invites you to her team.

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8 week event of lifestyle change. The program is played as a game that you can win! You get points for eating well and taking good care of yourself.
The program comes with an App that helps you stay on track and a built in community for lasting support.
We start on May 20th and all participants are encouraged to join us at CFStC for a kick off event and workout.

Anyone can join whether you are a member or not.
Click here for more information

Registration goes up on May 5 so sign up today
Whole Life Challenge-CrossFit St. Charles

Tuesday – Level Up Training

Every 2:30 minutes x 2 sets
2 @ 80%
Every 2 minutes x 3 sets
1 @ 85%-90%
Every 2 minutes x 3 sets:
1 @ 90% +

Rest 2 minutes between sets.

5 rounds:
1 Strict Muscle up with slowest negative possible back to start position

5 rounds each:
Run 400m
*One partner working at a time.

Daily Mobility
Check Train Heroic for details and specifics. 

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Bring a Friend Day May 18th!
Memorial Day Murph WOD & Potluck May 29th @9:00am


Do a set every 2 minutes

Cash Out:
AMRAP x 2 minutes
Max Burpee Pull up

Box News
Bring a Friend Day May 18th!
Memorial Day Murph WOD & Potluck May 29th @9:00am