3 Signs You’re Eating Too Little

In the health and fitness world, you hear A LOT of talk about eating too much and the effects of it. But what happens when you eat too little? How does under-eating affect your goals? What does it do to your body and mind?

What actually happens to us when we miss our goals for calories and macronutrients? We have those answers for you today in our blog post! Make sure to check out these signs to know if you’re undereating and how to fix them!

1. You’re Constantly Hungry

We all know that when we eat less we can feel super hungry. But eating can also lead us to sometimes:

  • Frequently sneak handfuls of pantry snacks
  • Eating increased portion sizes
  • Over-consuming sweets when we succumb to our cravings

This can lead to a surplus of calories which can offset our goals.

To fix this, try eating more whole foods that add volume to your diet to combat your cravings and fill you up!

2. You feel MOODY

Mood shifts are a classic sign that you aren’t eating the right amount to reach your goals

When we start to eat less, our blood sugar starts to drop.

When our blood sugar starts to drop it triggers a cascade of hormones including increased cortisol and increased adrenaline. This happens as a way for your body to fix the low levels of necessary blood sugar leaving us feeling more agitated.

You can prevent this by eating smaller more frequent meals or including balanced snacks between meal times.

3. You have Sleep and Stress Issues

Did you know that under-eating while following strict dietary patterns can also interrupt the quality of sleep?

One small study followed 10 young women dieting for 4 weeks. They found these study participants had difficulty falling asleep and less overall deep sleep. Another study found that the starvation-level calorie restriction led to a reduction in slow-wave sleep, or that deep sleep just mentioned!

If you are constantly limiting your intake, which leads to increased stress and lack of sleep, your body’s cortisol is very likely to be elevated. Elevated cortisol levels will not only alter our metabolism but will also cause water retention which may mask any fat loss occurring.

To fix this, set yourself a night routine to help you relax for bed. Turn off your electronics and make sure to get to 8-10 hours of sleep.

In conclusion…

Remember, if you want to live a better lifestyle, then start with your diet!


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