3 Tips to Improve your Squat

  • Activate those feet

Your weight should be distributed evenly throughout the entire foot. 

Feel your feet as if you are rooted in the ground.

Keep your big toe down. It is an important part of your overall balance and helps with hamstring engagement.

Apply pressure with your big toe but do not shift your weight to your big toe

  • Engage your Legs and Glutes

Squeeze your butt and feel your heels corkscrew into the ground. 

The heels should not move but actually lock into place. 

You should feel engagement throughout your legs

  • Brace yourself!

Pull your abs in as if you are taking a punch or getting tickled

Do not let the bar push you down, push upward against the weight as you go down.

Remember, it’s all about gravity. All weight wants to go to the ground. The only thing between your barbell and the earth’s massive gravitational pull is your physical and mental force. 

Control the weight as if you own it.

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