A Cup for A Cause

We are proud to announce that we are now offering …

Brew For Impact Whole Bean Coffee. 

Brew For Impact Whole Bean Coffee. 

Proceeds from the sales of this coffee goes to Brace For Impact 46, an organization founded by MLB Pitcher Kyle McClellan and his wife Bridget.  Brace For Impact 46 spearheads programs for kids in Haiti and families in North St. Louis. 

After a trip to Haiti, Kyle and Bridget started Brace for Impact 46, because all children should have their basic needs of food water and shelter met. The Brace for Impact 46 projects range from building a children’s home to providing education, medical care, and clean water.

Access to education gives these kids the foundation to have their own effect on the future of their communities. 

For every 24 bags of Brew for Impact Coffee sold a child is sent to school for a year in Haiti! 

The work in Haiti has impacted how the McClellan’s help people in our hometown of St. Louis. Because they realize the importance of family structure, job creation, and education, Kyle and Bridget work to equip these families with the tools they need  for a long lasting, stable home.

In partnership with Tabernacle Community Development Corporation, Brace for Impact 46 purchases and renovates homes in the North St. Louis area and employ local contractors to conduct the work. We then provide these safe, stable homes for families in need, and in turn they pay rent, attend quarterly seminars that focus on the needs of their family, and volunteer in their community.

By purchasing a bag of whole bean coffee we can help further the wonderful efforts of Brace For Impact 46

And as an added bonus, the coffee is really good! 

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