A Ruck What?

What is the CrossFit St. Chuck- Ruck ?
May 3, 2015 @ Klondike Park
The easy definition is “hiking with a weighted backpack” with a twist.
The plan is to hike 4-5 miles and complete obstacles and various team related tasks. Everyone will be required to wear a rucksack loaded with a moderate load (padded bricks). We’ll take plenty of rest breaks and lots of camaraderie along the way.

All are welcome

Required Items
☐ A rucksack or backpack (any kind will do, but it should be sturdy)
☐ Bricks wrapped in tape or filled Filler Bags… Some way to put 10# women 20# men in your ruck (in addition to any water or other gear you bring….
☐ Water – 2L minimum (hydration bladder Nalgene bottle etc).

Recommended Items

☐ Gloves (youre gonna need to protect your hands)
☐ Windbreaker (it might be cold)
☐ Dry sacks and hard cases for valuables [Sea to Summit / Pelican] or leave your phone in the car
☐ Anything else you need to stay warm and dry.
☐ Friends-Everything is more interesting with friends
☐ Chapstick
☐ Extra Pair of Socks
☐ Snacks etc.
(Parts of this shamelessly stolen from GoRuck.com)

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May 3- CF St. Chuck Ruck Klondike Park
Memorial Day Murph -May 25 WOD and Barbeque
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