Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Mathew Nolan

Career: Student

Years at CrossFit St. Charles: 7

Mathew is pretty awesome, time everyone knows it!

How Did You Get Started?
I started CrossFit when the kids classes were formed at CFSTC
Favorite & Least Favorite movement and why?
My favorite movement is the back squat because it makes me feel strong, and my least favorite movement is thrusters, because I feel like my height is a disadvantage for me and because of me being a pitcher I have the limit the amount I go over head.
What’s your favorite memory at CrossFit St. Charles?
My favorite memory is when Matthew Kirkland and I faced off at the Festivus games in the mystery wod at the very end of that day.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
My superpower of choice would be the ability to control the weather so I would be able to control when it rains so I never would have to worry about a baseball rain out.
Favorite cheat meal, go!
My favorite cheat meal is a 5 meat supreme dierbergs frozen pizza. It’s the best.
You’re a multi-sport athlete, can you tell us what you play, positions, and how CrossFit helps?
I play baseball and football. In football I’m a outside linebacker and in baseball I’m a pitcher/third baseman. I believe that the overall fitness of CrossFit helps me with both of my sports and the positions I play for both of them
What is a goal you have for yourself in 2019?
My CrossFit goal for 2019 is to deadlift 425lbs and back squat 350lbs. My personal goal is to have a 4.0 GPA.
Whats the Mathew Motto?
My motto is “All Gas No Brakes!!”. It originated from one of my football coaches at CBC. During halftime at the 2018 State Football Championship, he said this because our spirit wasn’t the best during halftime after our opponent scored at the last second of the half to make it a one score game. My coach said “all Gas No Brakes.” Multiple times and we went to win state 45-21

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