Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Michael B.

Years at CrossFit St. Charles: 1

Michael truly makes our community stronger!

I’m a disciple of Jesus. I enjoy activities outside and music.

  • Tell us a little about yourself!

    I'm a disciple of Jesus. I enjoy activities outside and music.

  • What made you start CrossFit and what has kept you doing it? Has your motivation changed since you first started?

    Positive results from physical therapy with Kim Wilkes and seeing my wife's impressive progress from CrossFit got me interested but I still wasn't convinced. Finally my wife Stephanie signed me up for my birthday without telling me beforehand. The feeling of increased energy, having no back-pain, and having a fun way to stay healthy convinced me to keep going.

  • What have you learned since joining the CrossFit St. Charles Family?

    How to lift weights. Prior to CrossFit, bench press was the only movement I had used a barbell for.

  • What’s your favorite CrossFit moment?

    Athletes yelling encouragement. Athletes racing each other.

  • What impact has CrossFit had on you outside of the gym?

    I no longer have frequent back pain which makes many more activities possible.

  • What’s your next CrossFit goal(s) and how close are you to reaching it?

    Double-unders and good form on my Snatch. Hopefully I'll be able to do double-unders by the end of winter. Good form on a snatch may never come but I'll keep trying.

  • What’s something we might not know about you yet?

    Stephanie and I moved to Missouri in 2004.

  • What advice might you give to someone who is considering joining CrossFit St. Charles or is new to the gym?

    Focus on your progress, not what you can't do.

  • What’s your motto?

    Love God and people with your all.

  • Write us a WOD! What kinda movements do you love? What’s your favorite way to put in work?

    2 person relay (When 1 person completes a movement their teammate starts a movement): 2 rounds for time -> 10 power cleans, 20 pullups, 30 pushups, 40 box jumps, 50 abmat situps, 600-meter run