Athlete of the MonthSeptember

Michael S.

Years at CrossFit St. Charles: 4

Michael truly makes our community stronger!

I’ve been going on and off for a few years now and every time I come back I just want to be there all the time. This time around, I’m trying harder than ever to keep up with it for myself and my family. I started going back in 2016, I think, in the fall because Mayra recommended it to me. Ever since my first class with Kim, I’ve been addicted to getting in as often as I can. Even though I still die after every WOD. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body since starting my CrossFit journey at CFSTC.


Last year, I had a brief talk with Kim concerning my back injury and my fitness and she helped me realize, it is a lifelong journey. I kept hurting myself trying to get back to what I could lift in high school, but she helped me realize that, with CrossFit, I could keep working out well into my 50s and 60s at least! So taking it slow and making sure I scale the workouts to what I know will push me but keep me safe have helped me get in much better shape this time around and much safer for my body.


CrossFit has helped me keep up with my kids as they grow older and chase me around the house and the park. I would feel terrible if I couldn’t pick them up and toss them around while we play and working out with you all has helped me stay in shape so I can enjoy my children to the max!


Once both of my kids are in school, I plan to finish college myself and then begin to pursue a career in personal training. So my next goal at CrossFit is to reach a point where I can do the programmed workouts RX and be able to get my certification and eventually my level 1 and hopefully coach CrossFit myself. Seeing as how our gym is one big family and everyone is so friendly, there isn’t much you all haven’t learned about me in the years I’ve been here.

And to anyone who is interested or just starting out at CFSTC, I’d recommend to just listen to the coaches and listen to your body and you will exceed any goals you have for yourself. Working out not only keeps you physically healthy, but it can also help lead to being mentally healthy.

My favorite kind of WODs to do are any that involve rest in between to help cool down for more work. I prefer movements that include any kind of heavy barbell work because that’s where I shine, but I know I need those cardio heavy workouts because my cardio is still my worst category. I’d love to learn sometime how to properly program a good WOD and I’m hoping that’s something I can learn soon on my path to fitness at CFSTC.

I love being a part of this family and am glad we found each other! Thank you again for this honor and I plan to continue the work that got me here!