April 2021 AOTM: Amar Peddi

From arriving early before class to work on his gymnastic skills to continually asking for cues and critiques to better himself, Amar in the past couple of months has shown some real dedication to the gym.

Not only has he been a part of CrossFit St. Charles for over a year now but he has become a great person to have in the evening classes and never shies away from the challenges a WOD may bring.

Read his full interview with us below to get a glimpse of his story as a member of the gym.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name’s Amar, I work at Mastercard. I am from the southern part of India and I like to spend my pastime playing cricket, some CrossFit, and watching sports & movies. I also like Indian food. 

2. What made you start CrossFit and what has kept you doing it?

With one of my friend’s suggestions I started my fitness journey with Crossfit, the Crossfit community and interaction with the coaches helped me to continue.

3. Has your motivation changed since you first started?

My motivation has only intensified since I first started CrossFit.

4. What have you learned since joining the CrossFit St. Charles family?

Regarding learning, it’s about improving my technique on each workout each day. Still, a long way to go.

5. What is your favorite movement?

Rowing and rope climbs.

6. What impact has CF had on you outside of the gym?

Crossfit has given me the mindset to better myself both physically and mentally.

7. What is your next CrossFit goal and how closer are you to reaching it?

To have bar muscle-ups and double-unders by the next open. 

8. What’s something we might not know about you?

I am an introvert and I enjoy long drives.

9. What advice might you give to someone who is considering joining CFSTC or is new to the gym?

For someone new to the gym, continuity is very important. Everyone from coaches to members are very friendly, supportive and will help you to reach the next level.

10. What is the Amar motto?

You don’t know what happens tomorrow,  so keep it simple and go with the flow and be happy.

11. If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

5 rounds of:

500 meters bike

5 box jumps

5 Wall balls

2 rope climbs

12. What are two of your favorite songs?

I like to listen to songs in my native language.


Congratulations, Amar! We’re all proud of you and look forward to seeing you improve your craft at the CrossFit St. Charles gym!

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