April Athlete of the Month – Kiersten Colburn!

A picture of Kiersten.

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am not one to talk about myself a whole lot so here we go. In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days … JUST KIDDING! I have lived in STL most of my life but Kansas is home! I have two fur children, Nitro, my cat, is 20 years old, YEP, 2-0 folks and Remington, my dog, is 10 years old. I am passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures. My family lives all over the world, we span from California to Saudi Arabia so family gatherings happen every 5-10 years.

2. What made you start CrossFit and what has kept you doing it? Has your motivation changed since you first started?

I originally tried CrossFit back in like 2010(ish) but working three jobs, I wasn’t able to dedicate the time. This girl needed her sleep! In January 2016 I did Couch to CrossFit and after that Kim told me I was skipping foundations and headed straight to classes (thank goodness for YouTube)! My motivation has definitely changed over the years and I think that is anyone’s mindset. It’s a fun and slightly scary process to adapt and learn as our bodies change.

3. What have you learned since joining the CrossFit St. Charles Family?

Oh my gosh! There has been so much knowledge gained and so much more to learn. It is so great watching anyone, myself included go from “there is no way I can do that” to “ummm WHAT just happened”. Plus the WODs that look easy or fairly decent … HA! I wouldn’t change it at all.

4. What’s your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite moments are watching other members do something they haven’t been able to do before or reach a goal they have been striving for! It is awesome to see their reactions and help celebrate those accomplishments.

5. What impact has CrossFit had on you outside of the gym?

To take on new experiences and push myself out of my comfort zone. It has been fun to see my mental growth in 3 years.

6. What’s your next CrossFit goal(s) and how close are you to reaching it?

I watched Kim’s video from the Open about writing down what we want to work on and then meet with her. The meeting hasn’t happened yet but stay tuned for some double-unders in my future and probably more Cirque du Soleil moves when I am hanging on the bar.

7. What’s something we might not know about you yet?

I have a random human party trick that can be entertaining to watch people attempt.

8. What advice might you give to someone who is considering joining CrossFit St. Charles or is new to the gym?

Get ready to have major positivity thrown into your life! If you are a newbie, we have all been there so don’t feel intimidated and have the mindset that it is you versus you in the WOD. Don’t get discouraged if your numbers/score are lower than others, everyone there will tell you good job and give you those little pushes where you tell yourself “I got this, I can do it”.

9. What’s the Kiersten motto?

Live Courageously.

10. Write us a WOD! What kinda movements do you love? What’s your favorite way to put in work?

YIKES! This is why I don’t program … It would have deadlifts and burpees in it. Those two movements are some of my favorites. My favorite way to put in work is to stay positive and avoid the I can’t mindset.

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