Are You Skipping?

Last night I went out my front door to take my 12 year old puppy to the yard.
After a hot day, the air had cooled, a nice breeze was blowing and I stood there watching as my sweet yellow lab sniffed around. She was clearly enjoying the evening .  All around the yard lightening bugs were flashing. It took me back to when I was a little kid, thrilled by summer vacation and being up past my usual bedtime. I recalled running around our yard with my brother catching lightening bugs, letting them crawl around on my hand until they flew off.
I considered skipping around the yard catching those bugs again but Sophie turned and ambled back to the door ready to head in. When your 12 year old dog decides its time to go in, you go.
Skipping around the yard is pleasure that should not be left to children but shared with all ages. I am grateful that I can skip wherever I want.
Long ago I realized that my definition of Quality of Life is the ability to move. While recovering from an injury, I began to appreciate what I had previously taken for granted. Now movement is what I think of daily. As the years go on, life and priorities change but not this one.
Sometimes CrossFit is referred to as crazy, dangerous or a cult.
I don’t mind.
What I know is that I move as well, if not better than I did 10 years ago and I plan to be able to snow ski in my eighties.
My commitment to CrossFit is what will enable me to enjoy my life in the manner I want. Not stuck, not immobile, not behind a computer screen watching instead of experiencing. Not watching my children’s children catch lightening bugs.
I will be skipping.

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