February 2020

Sam H.

Sam truly makes our community stronger!

Sam H.s success story

Sam loves spending time with family, making things, CrossFit and Chipotle....

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January 2020

Michael B.

Michael truly makes our community stronger!

Michael B.s success story

I'm a disciple of Jesus. I enjoy activities outside and music....

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December 2019

Cody M

Cody truly makes our community stronger!

Cody Ms success story

My name is Cody Mason. I’m 31. I have a beautiful wife and we have 4 children. I grew up in North East Missouri. My wife and I have been married for 5 years. We met in Kansas City, where she was attending college....

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November 2019

Andrew C

Drew truly makes our community stronger!

Andrew Cs success story

While I may introduce myself as Andrew my friends all call me Drew. I’m married to Brandie, another CFStC member. We have one child; Kara, who often comes with us to the gym....

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October 2019

Jaime N

Jaime truly makes our community stronger!

Jaime Ns success story

I’m a person who loves being active. It doesn’t matter the activity, as long as I’m moving I’m happy. I also have two adorable kitties that my boyfriend and I rescued a couple of months ago. They are brothers; they are very mischievous and sweet b...

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September 2019

Michael S.

Michael truly makes our community stronger!

Michael S.s success story

I've been going on and off for a few years now and every time I come back I just want to be there all the time. This time around, I'm trying harder than ever to keep up with it for myself and my family. I started going back in 2016, I think, in the fall b...

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August 2019

Ilana Barasch

Our community is better because of you!

Ilana Baraschs success story

My husband and I recently moved back to the St. Louis area and are now living in St. Charles with our dog. I like to travel and spend time with my friends and family. I joined CrossFit St Charles in November 2018....

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July 2019

Catherine Casey

Our community is better because of you!

Catherine Caseys success story

I’m 26, and I live in St Charles with my boyfriend and our dog. I am a Software Engineer, and I love to play board games and read in my spare time. I joined CrossFit in December of 2018. Prior to that, I was focusing primarily on running and powerliftin...

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June 2019

Christa Moore

Our community is better because of you!

Christa Moores success story

I have been married for 5 years and am officially a boy mom of two amazing little guys, ages 3 and 1 (just turned one so we survived another first year!). In my free time, I love to be outdoors; my family often goes hiking, camping, and fishing. In the la...

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May 2019

Chris Derix

Truly makes our community stronger

Chris Derixs success story

I have been married for 8 years and my wife, Heather, and I have two awesome kiddos, ages six and three. Most of my free time is spent with family, church-related activities, and drinking fancy beers. I have lost a total of fifty pounds since starting Cro...

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February 2019

Mathew Nolan

Mathew is pretty awesome, time everyone knows it!

How Did You Get Started? I started CrossFit when the kids classes were formed at CFSTC Favorite & Least Favorite movement and why? My favorite movement is the back squat because it makes me feel strong, and my least favorite movement is thrusters, ...

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19.5 Athlete Spotlight-Michelle W.

19.5 Team Racks and Sacks athlete spotlight goes to Michelle W.! This girl is a beast! She’s motivated and driven. Before Friday she had just gotten her first chest to bar pull up a month ago. She then dominated Friday and got 43! She made contact with that bar like a boss! Every. Single. Rep! ...

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Athlete Spotlight-Suzanne B.

19.3 Racks and Sacks athlete spotlight goes to Suzanne B. This girl is awesome! Hard working and determined! She walked in Friday morning having never tried strict handstand push-ups and couldn’t get one before the WOD then during got that adrenaline pumping and ended up with 13! 13!!! Beast mode!!

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Team Athlete Spotlight 19.1-Jayne G.

Athlete spotlight: Jayne did an arguably harder version of 19.1 that included the ski erg and modified wall balls. This was Jayne’s first Crossfit Open workout, and I was blown away by her mental toughness and athletic drive. She kept a strong pace throughout only pausing to take a break once in the 15 min ...

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Team Athlete Spotlight 19.1-Chris D.

Racks and Sacks 19.1 athlete spotlight goes to Chris D. !!! This guy is awesome!! Not only is he the nicest guy, he worked after class with the team (they love after class team skill building ) to practice wall balls and every single rep for 19.1 was to full depth!!! Awesome job Chris!!!!!

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19.1 Team Athlete Spotlight-Gabby F.

Spotlight athlete of the week is Gabby. Gabby is battling a shoulder injury and still showed up to work. Zero excuses and always wants to do her very best. She pushes herself harder each and every class. Watching her grow exponentially lately is so inspirational. She shows up to dominate and always has a smile ...

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Team Athlete Spotlight 19.1-Mike S.

The Aggressively Average team member spotlight for this week is Mike Swider! This is his first Open, and he is a stellar athlete who absolutely CRUSHED the 19.1 WOD at FNL the other night, racking up 247 reps! Beyond that, he has such a great energy and attitude about him, and really pushes himself. We ...

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Kristen Is Athlete Of The Month!

Lets have a big shout out for Kristen Wood! She is the the first Athlete of the Month in 2019! She’s as good as they come, get to know her below! 1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us?  1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us? I started in September ...

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Lacey is Athlete of the Month!

Let’s hear it for Lacey Ebert! She won Athlete of the Month! Lacey is one of the best people you I’ll ever meet, get to know her below! 1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us?  I started in February 2017. The year before I worked hard to lose over 100lbs…all I did ...

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