Offering the Chalk

Shortly after Opening CrossFit St. Charles in 2008, I saw this youtube video of a 3 year old girl on a play ground about to swing through some monkey bars.
Little Girl: I’m gonna stick it!
Dad: Ok, let’s go
LG: (falls off monkey bar)
Dad: What happened? Needs some chalk?
LG: Jumps up and runs off to play

That was Kelly Starrett and instead of asking his daughter if she was ok (he knew she was) he offered her chalk for her grip.

It’s what we do everyday.

The hardest part of working out is the simple act of coming in our doors.
We offer the coaching, equipment, programming and guidance to attain real fitness and health to anyone who has the commitment to “stick the landing”

Sometimes, all you need to know is that you CAN do it.

CrossFit St. Charles
“Offering the Chalk”

CrossFit St. Charles Open Banquet

We had an amazing time at our CFStC Open Awards Banquet. It’s always great to get out of the gym and appreciate Val and Ryan Barr for hosting. The food was amazing and the awards were epic.
I’m looking forward to the next Open in the fall of this year!

Festivus Games Recap

Festivus Recap

WOW what a day!
Congratulations to our home grown competitors
Josh and Michelle, Jamie and Anne, Jason and Rebecca,Chris and Shelby, Dave and Suzanne, Nikki and Chris, Val and Tim(Puma), Kris and Sara (who took 3rd in Novice!) We are all so proud of all of you. Your training and tenacity showed and represented well.
Festivus prep starts months in advance but really kicks into gear the week before the comp. We start to physically prep the gym and make a plan for all the re-organization. Friday the 9a class sticks around loads all the extra equipment onto the uhaul for storage. I wish I would have taken a picture of Coach Chris and the 9a girls beasting those Echo Bikes into that truck!  We hustle to get everything cleared out so that we can still have class at 1130. (So much thanks to Coach Hopper for teaching 1130 class with about 3 mins. notice.) The work continues through the rest of the day and well into the evening with the final staging of the first WOD done by the 5:30p class.
The competition got great reviews from everyone. It was smooth as silk. This was all due to the efforts of our amazing volunteers. Our judges, some of whom judge almost every heat, our DJ, Scorekeeper, runners, Staging supervisors, Break room management, photographers and anyone who just got stuff done.

To all our coaches and members who helped on Comp Prep Friday,  Comp. Saturday, and those that were able to stay and help with the clean up (the gym was back in order in about 30 mins!) THANK YOU!

CrossFit Open 2019 Wrap Up


The WODs are done and the results are in. This 2019 Spring Open has proven to be my favorite to date.

Congratulations to Aggressively Average for coming out on top of the scoreboard and claiming their spot on our trophy. Congratulations to all the teams who did the wods, tooke the judges course and judged and showed up to FNL to support everyone. Getting a chance to meet people we don’t normally see in class is one of the greatest perks!

This year’s Intramural allowed us to come together in competition, community and celebration. It allowed us to be a part of something a greater than normal. It made doing the Open WODs more important than just a regular workout. It raised our standards of movement and gave them meaning. It pushed us to achieve the unexpected.

Our Captains were amazing! They worked harder than anyone realizes, keeping up with their teams, coming in early or staying late to help motivate and judge. Some came during their normal work hours just to support their teammates. During the WODs they “put everything on floor” with their performances and were an inspiration to everyone. We are all so grateful to Nikki, Rebecca, Maria and Angie for their leadership!

I loved all the workouts.(Yes, even 19.5)  They were elegantly designed, extremely challenging and well scaled. They allowed for all levels of athletes to participate in the excitement of competing against the clock and pushing themselves to new levels.

The Open (as is all competition) is a test.
It tests your levels of fitness, strength, skill, endurance, commitment and tenacity.

It’s a chance to put what you’ve learned to work and see what happens. Everyone in this gym should be proud of what they have accomplished.  

If you PR’d a movement, did a pull up/chest to bar pull up, handstand push up or cleaned a weight you’d never done before, or simply pushed yourself harder than you thought possible, then you know why you did the Open.

Now is the time to draw your new starting line. It’s time to look back over those WODs and figure out what is most important to you. What would you invest your time into improving over the next six months. Because guess what…2019 Fall Open is COMING!

This is a perfect time to do some hard focused work. Get back to some basics that will support the more advanced movements. I’ve asked everyone to make a list, soon I’ll be asking for it. Be ready!

The Fall Open is like a pop quiz that is 50% of your grade. Let’s use this to make some magic happen!

April Athlete of the Month – Kiersten Colburn!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am not one to talk about myself a whole lot so here we go. In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days … JUST KIDDING! I have lived in STL most of my life but Kansas is home! I have two fur children, Nitro, my cat, is 20 years old, YEP, 2-0 folks and Remington, my dog, is 10 years old. I am passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures. My family lives all over the world, we span from California to Saudi Arabia so family gatherings happen every 5-10 years.

2. What made you start CrossFit and what has kept you doing it? Has your motivation changed since you first started?

I originally tried CrossFit back in like 2010(ish) but working three jobs, I wasn’t able to dedicate the time. This girl needed her sleep! In January 2016 I did Couch to CrossFit and after that Kim told me I was skipping foundations and headed straight to classes (thank goodness for YouTube)! My motivation has definitely changed over the years and I think that is anyone’s mindset. It’s a fun and slightly scary process to adapt and learn as our bodies change.

3. What have you learned since joining the CrossFit St. Charles Family?

Oh my gosh! There has been so much knowledge gained and so much more to learn. It is so great watching anyone, myself included go from “there is no way I can do that” to “ummm WHAT just happened”. Plus the WODs that look easy or fairly decent … HA! I wouldn’t change it at all.

4. What’s your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite moments are watching other members do something they haven’t been able to do before or reach a goal they have been striving for! It is awesome to see their reactions and help celebrate those accomplishments.

5. What impact has CrossFit had on you outside of the gym?

To take on new experiences and push myself out of my comfort zone. It has been fun to see my mental growth in 3 years.

6. What’s your next CrossFit goal(s) and how close are you to reaching it?

I watched Kim’s video from the Open about writing down what we want to work on and then meet with her. The meeting hasn’t happened yet but stay tuned for some double-unders in my future and probably more Cirque du Soleil moves when I am hanging on the bar.

7. What’s something we might not know about you yet?

I have a random human party trick that can be entertaining to watch people attempt.

8. What advice might you give to someone who is considering joining CrossFit St. Charles or is new to the gym?

Get ready to have major positivity thrown into your life! If you are a newbie, we have all been there so don’t feel intimidated and have the mindset that it is you versus you in the WOD. Don’t get discouraged if your numbers/score are lower than others, everyone there will tell you good job and give you those little pushes where you tell yourself “I got this, I can do it”.

9. What’s the Kiersten motto?

Live Courageously.

10. Write us a WOD! What kinda movements do you love? What’s your favorite way to put in work?

YIKES! This is why I don’t program … It would have deadlifts and burpees in it. Those two movements are some of my favorites. My favorite way to put in work is to stay positive and avoid the I can’t mindset.

Last Lean Mean Military Green Athlete spotlight goes to……TWO ATHLETES Heather R. and Meghan H.

Last Lean Mean Military Green Athlete spotlight goes to……TWO ATHLETES Heather R. and Meghan H.

1. Heather Raines- I want to shout out Heather for being a bad ass in general. She crushed 19.5 and every single open workout she completed. She had a nasty sinus infection half way through the open but pushed through and even earned 1st place on 19.4 (while she was still very sick) hammering through those strict handstand push-ups like they were nothing. Heather is my inspiration. She is an incredibly hard-working and successful executive, mother and wife and she still finds the time to put in work at the gym and never makes excuses. Thanks for being on my team Heather!!!

2. Meghan Leigh Horstman.- I can’t say enough about this lady. First and foremost, she brought Dieter into our lives and that is the greatest gift of all. Second, yoga. Thank you for yoga. Third, she did awesome on 19.5 even with an upset Dieter trying to throw her off her game. She never stopped pushing herself and it was incredibly inspiring to watch. She’s also had some massive post-pregnancy PRs these last few weeks. Meghan is a dope ass friend and team member and I hope we are always and forever on the same open team.

19.5 Athlete Spotlight-Shelby R.

The #AggressivelyAverage Team’s athlete spotlight this week is Shelby R! While the rest of us are over here rubbing our calves from 19.5, I like to think Shelby is out somewhere lifting objects twice her body weight, basking in the glory of having just quietly dominated the entire CrossFit Open. This woman is a force to be reckoned with. Right before the very first workout, she told me she was going to podium as much as possible for her team, and then she went right ahead and did just that, placing almost every single week in the women’s RX division. Oh, and she hung out with Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey recently and we can all assume they wanted strategy tips from her. If you need us, Shelby, we’ll just be down here looking up at you on top of the podium, admiring your impressiveness!

Open WOD 19.5 Athlete Spotlight-Anthony M.


This weeks Snatch Me If You Can Spotlight Athlete of the week is Anthony M.! Anthony is inspiring to us all. He always shows up with an awesome attitude and makes WODs look effortless. He is incredibly fun to watch and I personally, have become a believer of Juicy J PRs! So happy he was on the team!

19.5 Athlete Spotlight-Michelle W.

19.5 Team Racks and Sacks athlete spotlight goes to Michelle W.! This girl is a beast! She’s motivated and driven. Before Friday she had just gotten her first chest to bar pull up a month ago. She then dominated Friday and got 43! She made contact with that bar like a boss! Every. Single. Rep! It was awesome to watch! Way to crush that goal! #RacksandSacks #cfstc #goals