Wendy H!

I lost 17lbs which I am super happy with!
I gained so much more!
I feel healthy, strong and confident in myself.
I gained a knowledge of what I should be eating without the feeling of “being on a diet”.  It feels natural to eat healthily. I still really enjoy carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting
I also gained a family.  There is so much support and encouragement to just be YOU at CFSTC.  It really is amazing.  Absolutely a no-judgment zone which is hard to find anywhere let alone a workout facility.
Next for me is to build muscle and train for a half marathon.  In a few months, I will want to lose some more lbs but for now, I am ready to build on the progress I have made.
I could not have done this without CrossFit St. Charles.
You guys saved!


Is your 2020 fitness goal to compete?

OR Are you looking for something to keep you focused on your goals as you roll into the new year?

On April 18th, 2020 we are hosting Festivus Games!

What is Festivus? It’s a worldwide Functional Fitness competition for beginners and intermediate competitors. Sorry, no “Fire-Breathers” allowed. Want to learn more? Click on the link in our bio and visit our Festivus Page. https://crossfitstcharles.com/festivus-games/

What’s Stopping You #3

Our final and third guess as to why you might not have met your 2019 gaols 

You haven’t put in the work.

This can be the most frustrating camp to fall into when it comes to not achieving your goals.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi

Whether growing a business or growing your biceps it can be tough when the results haven’t shown up yet. So, what should you do?
KEEP GOING! But not before reassessing.
Ask yourself, are there any additional resources or tools that could be getting you to your goals faster? Because we would bank on the fact that there are. Are there any roadblocks you are creating for yourself but maybe not noticing? We’d bet there are.

Sometimes if your goals are not coming along but you’re putting in all the work, it’s time to reach out for a second opinion.

If you’re here reading this, this chance to reassess and crush roadblocks is right here! We offer one on one training in the form of 1 one-hour sessions and 30-minute sessions. And this is where the best reassessments and the best roadblock smashing occurs.

Also, Take advantage of our those quick chats! Sit down and talk about your road blocks with a coach.

WELCOME 2020!!

It’s a new year with lots of exciting changes at CrossFit St. Charles!
By now you’ve all heard about our move and maybe have driven by the new space. 

Its all meant to bring you a better experience at CFSTC! We’ve got 2 months (yikes!) to get things tore down and built out. It will be a hustle but worth every minute.

But wait…there’s more!

Athlete Check-ins

They are back.
It’s time to set some goals and gain some clarity!
Summer is coming and so is the Open. Now is the time!
There are Check-in sheets on the Front Desk. They will be there until the 10th.
Fill them out and drop them into the box. After the 10th, a coach will be reaching out to you to discuss your goals and creating a plan.

Schedule Changes

Starting January 4 (this Saturday) 
We are adding an open gym from 7:30-9:00a
Use this time to work on skills, make up a missed WOD or join Coach Paul in an Advanced workout. Be sure to sign up for class.

Starting January 7
We are adding 3 new class times
Tuesday/Thursday 9a and 11:30a

More great reasons to meet your 2020 goals

CrossFit Kids is Back!

CFK 7-10 years old
10 Week session
Thursdays 6 pm with our new coach Trever
Starts Jan 30
$150 for a full session
Members get a 10% discount
Follow this link and use the coupon code kids10

Lift For Your Future

Workout for your future, not your ego. ⠀
This week with the CrossFit total on tap we have the opportunity to put up some BIG numbers!! ⠀
But let’s not forget, we don’t lift for SugarWOD scores. We lift for our future. ⠀
When it comes to exercise and your future, we can’t stress enough how important form is. ⠀
It’s important to correctly perform the exercises in order to engage the right muscles and not injure yourself. AND to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout!
By focusing on your form, you’ll get a better workout and meet your goals faster. ⠀
It can be hard to be sure if you’re performing movements properly. Especially if you’re new to sport and fitness. ⠀
We’ve been there! ⠀
And now we’re here to help you! ⠀
Need a coach? ⠀
You’ve come to the right place! Book a Free Intro here: https://crossfitstcharles.com/get-started/



After 10 years at 81 Jason court, we’re moving on to big and better things!

And by bigger, we mean no wall in the middle of our workout space!

This will give us more opportunities and allow us to continue to bring you the best fitness experience out there!

Last week the lease was finalized and the checks were written.

Continue reading “UP NEXT!”

What’s Stopping You #2

So what’s really keeping you from achieving your goals?

Our second guess is:

You don’t think you deserve it.

This could be thought of as self-sabotage. We’ve all heard, “you are your own worse enemy”.

Many of the long-standing beliefs humans hold are instilled by parents, environments, or sadly… traumatic experiences. The brain long ago accepted as fact that, “this is the way it is”. Or maybe has told you “It HAS to be this way”. If you have a long-held belief that is clashing with one of your current goals, then your first order of business is to remove that roadblock.

No amount of will power or strategy can overcome a fixed mindset. You are an adult and you are responsible for your own life.

You have the power to change any condition that you don’t want!
Believing you can change and take steps toward your goal is hard but the very best first step!!

Sometimes as we’re working on changing longstanding beliefs, it’s hard to keep focused alone. It’s hard to see ourselves as worthy and keep that worthiness within focus. During those times it’s vital to ask for help. Help from a friend, a partner, a coach.

Connect often with people who believe the best IN you, expect the best FROM you, and want the BEST for you!

If you’re reading this blog, people like that are within reach! At CrossFit St. Charles you’ll find coaches and comrades who are here for you. Here to remind you of your goals and how YOU DESERVE to reach them!

If you’re a member already, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, we want you to experience it!!
Book a Free Intro to learn how to start believing in yourself and achieving your 2020 goals!

What’s stopping you? #1

If you currently want something in your life that you don’t have then there is a 100% chance that you’re human.

The action you take towards bringing those desired things into your life, is really what determines whether you get them

This is the time of year in which we love to make declarations about what’s to come next. But we’d be silly to not think about what stopped us from achieving 2019’s goals.

Generally, if you have a goal you haven’t achieved yet you fall into one of these three camps.

The first one is: You don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to do it.

This is generally the first challenge you encounter when you have a new goal. Luckily it is also the easiest barrier to address when it comes to making positive changes in your life!

Whether you seek to earn more money, improve your health, or find your soulmate, there are websites, coaches, books, podcasts, and more resources than you know what to do with.
In the information age we live in, the good news is: You have access to the tools and resources you need to get started on the path to your goal!

Let’s say your goal is to get to a body composition that feels comfortable. A weight and size that allows you to move well and more freely. But you’ve never been there, or at least that you can remember. You’re an expert in being uncomfortable and frustrated… but you’re a novice in weight loss.

The key is to connect with an expert and stay connected!

To find someone who knows how to help you with your fitness and your mismanagement of high-calorie meals.

And the BEST news is if you’re here, reading this blog, you’ve already found us!

Don’t set more goals in 2020 without knowing what to do and how to do it!

If you’re a member, set up a one-on-one session to talk about your goals and make a clear plan!

If you’re not a member book a free intro!

What is next for you?

CrossFit Open 2020 is complete.

It was certainly a twist of events to have 2 Opens in one year but I think in 6 months I’ll be missing it!


This was a great Open season. I loved the workouts. I felt they were challenging for our top athletes and also allowed the rest of us to push ourselves to do things unexpected. 


For those who’ve been training awhile, the Open is a test. It tests our physical strength and skills, our cardiovascular and mental toughness, and it tests our commitment and consistency. It shows us how far we’ve come and where to go next. It shows us that we don’t have to train pistols regularly in order to do pistols! (but… we’ll probably be doing more pistols)


For those of us who said,
“I can’t do…”
“I’ve never done…”,
“I’m not sure about…”


Did you surprise yourself?

Congratulations to those who signed up on the main site not expecting to be on our Intramural leaderboard but actually found themselves there!
Between GOAT training (my favorite class to coach) and the WODs, there were countless Prs. 

I’m really looking forward to The Open 2021. Looking forward to setting new goals, working hard, training and learning. 

What are your goals? Lets get them together!

Prepare for Festivus!

So, you signed up for Festivus! For many people Festivus is their first real fitness competition. This competition is a great way to celebrate your fitness, show off your progress, and have fun with other people in the same boat as you.

If this is your first Festivus, I’m sure you’re wondering how to prepare. We’ve got some tips for you! If this is not your first and you’re wanting to up your game, we’ve also got some tips for you!

  1. Watch the standards—and then rewatch them. This seems obvious but watching the standards extra times will increase your confidence and help you feel more comfortable on the actual day. There’s nothing worse than second guessing yourself mid-WOD. Get to know the WODs and visualize yourself killing it by hitting every movement and every rep perfectly!
  2. Focus on your breathing! When the first WOD starts, your adrenaline will kick in and this could cause your body to short-circuit the natural breathing process. Losing your breath will increase stress and cause you to wear out quickly! Practice a “Box Step Breath”—4 counts in, 4 counts hold, 4 counts exhale.
  3. Keep your food the same. It can be tempting to gear up the day before with carbo loading, fancy energy drinks, or supplements. But if you haven’t been training with it, pass on it for the day of the competition! Friday night and Saturday morning, eat as you normally would with a slight bias toward carbs. Now is not the time to throw your digestive system a curve ball.
  4. Start hydrating early. When you’re dehydrated, your total blood volume decreases. This causes:
    1. Reduced blood flow to your skin and muscles
    2. Increased body temperature
    3. Reduced sweat rates
    4. Increased glycogen use
    5. Increased heart rate
    6. Increased perception of effort

    This is basically your body’s way of forcing you to slow down (to preserve energy), which can compromise your performance. Hydration should start days before you arrive at our gym! Hydrate early and often!

  5. Take the day before off! Stretch, walk, but don’t do any WODS. Your muscles need time to recover from your regular work out routine and to prepare for this day of fun and higher volume!
  6. Arrive early! Plan to arrive early to give yourself time to set up a spot for resting and recovering between WODS. Give yourself time to get your snack in place and learn the layout of our gym.
  7. Don’t wear new clothes! We love to see your amazing and funny team garb! But we do not recommend wearing those team shirts for the first time on competition day. Make sure to take them for a test run so you’re comfortable and happy with the way they fit and feel.
  8. Focus on yourself! Focus on fun! Remember, Festivus is about being able to have fun at exactly the level you are right now. No matter what, it’s a celebration of where YOU are and what YOU can accomplish. Keep your eye on your lane and your mind as calm and controlled as possible. Festivus is as much a celebration of the sport of fitness as it is a competition. One of the VERY best things about this sport is the community. Accept the cheers and bask in the “Good jobs!” We all want everyone else to succeed too!