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Christmas 2008 OB1 and a Champion

    We didn’t have sign ups or marketing back then. Just a website and a prayer. This was not a field of dreams, it was more of a “ok, now what” CrossFit was a fringe method of exercise. Nobody knew about it. There were

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It Ain’t No Picnic

How CFStC Began I came home from my L1 course on fire! So excited from all that I had learned and wanted to share with everyone. By this time I already had Kickboxing and personal training certifications. Coaching was my thing and now I was

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You want me to do what?

CFL1 Certification Course March 2008 This was it. lI’d been on the CFHQ website for about two years making guinea pigs out of my friends and visiting the only other CrossFit Gyms in the greater St. Louis area. CrossFit St. Louis and CrossFit DesPeres (renamed

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After I found CrossFit, I may have lurked on the site for 18 months. Consuming the information but not yet getting the courage to do a workout. They all looked so exciting. I’m still not sure what I was afraid of but I knew that

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The CFStC Story

I was never an athlete. I didn’t play sports. Didn’t have the resources but mostly lacked the confidence. When I started working out it was in  group exercise classes. Step aerobics, kickboxing, etc. . I realized that I loved movement. Not just moving myself but

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Keep it up.

With everything upside down, we’re so proud of you for prioritizing your health and fitness amidst the chaos. It would be easier to sit on the couch, but you’ve decided to stay active—and we find that so inspiring. It’s also very smart. More and more,

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CFStC 3.0

We are moving along with re-opening the gym. Thank you all for your support, patience and consideration of each other.It has been amazing to see everyone in the gym. Our community is full of greatness! This past week we… Increased class size to 10 athletes Added 5p

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The Top 5 Functional Foods

If you’re more couch potato than health nut you want to take advantage of all the tips and tricks that you can. If you forget to take your vitamins or would rather skip the extra burpees then there is a great way to improve your

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What’s Next

We’re on to week 5! You’ve been so adaptable, and your progress is still forward moving! We’re so proud! Thanks for trusting us during this unpredictable and unprecedented journey. You’ve taken fitness outside our four walls and it’s been big and exciting.  Our next step is

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Grocery Stores and Food Stress

Things are looking really different at the grocery store these days. Some stores have plexiglass up between you and the cashier, almost everyone is in a mask, and people clear the way when they see you coming. What can be most jarring; the empty shelves.

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