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WELCOME 2020!!

It’s a new year with lots of exciting changes at CrossFit St. Charles!
By now you’ve all heard about our move and maybe have driven by the new space. 

Its all meant to bring you a better experience at CFSTC! We’ve got 2 months (yikes!) to get things tore down and built out. It will be a hustle but worth every minute.

But wait…there’s more!

Athlete Check-ins

They are back.
It’s time to set some goals and gain some clarity!
Summer is coming and so is the Open. Now is the time!
There are Check-in sheets on the Front Desk. They will be there until the 10th.
Fill them out and drop them into the box. After the 10th, a coach will be reaching out to you to discuss your goals and creating a plan.

Schedule Changes

Starting January 4 (this Saturday) 
We are adding an open gym from 7:30-9:00a
Use this time to work on skills, make up a missed WOD or join Coach Paul in an Advanced workout. Be sure to sign up for class.

Starting January 7
We are adding 3 new class times
Tuesday/Thursday 9a and 11:30a

More great reasons to meet your 2020 goals

CrossFit Kids is Back!

CFK 7-10 years old
10 Week session
Thursdays 6 pm with our new coach Trever
Starts Jan 30
$150 for a full session
Members get a 10% discount
Follow this link and use the coupon code kids10

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Sweat30 Bootcamp



2 classes/week
6 Week Sessions

Ask About our 2018 TEACHER SPECIAL!

Tues/Thurs 4:30pm
Next 6 week Session Begins August 21

Are you looking for the perfect way to be your best self but are short on time? To lose weight, get stronger and gain confidence without having to spend hours in the gym? Are you looking for a workout that is fun, engaging and with a group of like minded people? If so let Sweat 30 help you get the results you are looking for!

Sweat 30 is a 30 minute bootcamp style class held at CrossFit St. Charles. Sweat 30 is Intense but fun, high energy yet supportive and smiles and laughs are inevitable!

Class will begin with a workout briefing, then into warm ups and teaching of the movements performed in the class that day. Workouts will last from 15-20 minutes and will focus on high intensity for the individual to maximize results.

Sweat 30 is for any and all fitness levels, beginners and advanced alike!

Each workout will be a total body workout so you can achieve the Buns & Guns you deserve! Each class will work with 3-5 movements and each workout will be different from the last! We will not use any barbells or pull up bars during Sweat 30 classes.

Also included in Sweat 30:
Access to our Private Facebook group for support and celebrations!
Nutrition Guidelines for success.

For more info
Call 636.362.3700

Ready to get started?
Register Here!


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Congratulations to Cathy!

A big shout out and congratulations to Cathy Hall! Cathy swam in the senior Olympics this last Sunday and walked away with a silver medal! Cathy set this goal, and through Medals Of Honor, dedicated each one of her races to a different fallen soldier. Cathy spent 13 months training her breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle with Jamie Wansing, and did Crossfit through personal training with Kyle Kellis. She set a goal, made a plan, and knocked it out of the park! Cathy’s been a member of the fam for over 5 years and Crossfit St. Charles is so proud of her and honored to have been part of her journey.

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Nutrition tips With Jessie

What diet of “lifestyle” change have you tried? I’ve done a handful. Some have served me well and some not so much. Like the time I did a “cleanse” (btw – I have perfectly good kidneys for that) that required me to only eat about 6 bananas a day for several days.

For the longest time, low-fat, high carb diets were all the rage! Cereal companies and smoothie stores rejoiced. Things abruptly switched gears when Atkins diet stormed on the scene. People were abandoning bagels for eggs and cheese. We demonized carbs and let high fat foods take our affections. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Paleo soon followed, and now saturated fat was not only okay but encouraged! Hooray! But no dairy, grains, beans, or legumes…along with anything else a caveman couldn’t source. Now, the tide has changed yet again, and the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) approach is here. A quick scroll through Instagram will show many IIFYM fans posting pictures of foods that fly directly in the face of what we all believed “dieting” meant, along with some impressive fat-loss progress pictures. I once gave IIFYM a try. The promise of pop-tarts and a six pack was too tempting.

As we move through life things change, and our activity levels and lifestyle fluctuate so we alter our food intake to compensate. When trying to figure out how to formulate a nutrition plan and the amount of food that is best for you, you’ll need ask yourself a few things:

  • How does it make you feel? Analyze your energy levels, digestion, hunger, satiety, and cravings.
  • If your goals are aesthetic, how does it make you look? Are you tight, bloated, flat, retaining water, gaining fat, losing fat, etc.
  • How does it make you perform? Whether you lift at the gym or participate in a sport, your nutrition should have you well fueled and performing to the best of your ability.

My ideal nutrition setup is a combination of all the approaches mentioned above. The overwhelming majority of my foods should come from whole, nutrient-dense sources, but I have room for birthday cake in my world. Calories and macronutrients do matter when it comes to dialing things in even tighter. However, figuring out which foods make me feel good and perform well is important. I believe that carbohydrates should fluctuate a bit depending on that day’s activity level and fat loss goals.

Many of you have heard me talk about my nutrition approach being RP Strength. I like RP because it takes all the above concepts and puts them in a spreadsheet and makes it simple. When I ask myself the questions listed above, my experience with RP has been what I’m practicing when I get the best answers. If you’ve tried all the approaches but need to dial things in, stay tuned. We’ve got your back!

Jessie will be hosting a Nutrition Workshop at CFSTC. She will be talking specifically about the RP diet but will be able to answer any questions you may have about other diets you may have tried or heard about.
The workshop is open to the public.
$5 at the door for CFSTC members
Follow this link to register
Nutrition Workshop

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What are you doing after school is out?

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Building Super Hero’s one workout at a time!

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Tuesday evenings at CrossFit St. Charles

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Only 12 more days to register!

Still feel the itch to compete? It’s not too late but don’t wait too long!

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The Open 2018
February 23
th to March 27th.

For the seasoned vet, you already know what the CrossFit Open is, but here is the down low for the CrossFit newcomer. Each year the journey to the CrossFit Games begins with the CrossFit Open. The Open is a worldwide competition that every gym across the globe participates in. The competition lasts for 5 weeks and each week, a workout is announced on Thursday and you have from Thursday to Monday to complete the workout and enter your scores. It is a freaking blast and we do it every year!

Competition drastically helps with inspiration. The pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring.

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

For all those who’ve never experienced the open here are a few bits of info.

  • We have no idea what Friday’s workout will be. This workout is determined by the evil Dave Castro and is announced on Thursday night at 7pm. If you are interested, we encourage you to watch the announcement. We will be posting the link to the live feed.

  • After the announcement, the coaches are gonna scramble. We have to make sure we have equipment in place and space in the gym. We have to be prepared for anything. This means potentially taping lanes in the gym, setting up equipment. Prepping special timers.  Making copies of the judges score sheets.

  • The 530a Class athletes get the first crack at the WOD which makes them the guinea pigs. If the workout is obviously long, we may even start a few athletes early.

  • Workouts will be done at our weekly Friday Night Lights Throwdown! However, that weeks event will be Friday’s workout for the gym, so even if you can’t make it to the Throwdown, you can still participate and get points to your team. You can contact a certified judge (they will be known during the open) and set up a time to complete the workout during the weekend open gym hours as well. Look for upcoming Friday WODs that will prepare you for these kind of workouts!

On Fridays, there will be a heat assignment list. It is first come first serve. Before the WOD everyone will decided how they will approach the workout. Rx’d or scaled. Specific equipment comes out and stations are set up. If you do not have your own jump rope by now, this is the time to invest. We have a few left at $15. Get a rope and practice singles and doubles.

Everyone will be assigned a judge and everyone will be expected to judge. If you haven’t taken the judges course yet, you should. Your judge will be with you the entire workout, counting your reps and making sure that your movement meets the standards established. Please be sure to read the standards before coming to class. If you have questions, have them ready.

The first time you experience an Open workout can be a bit overwhelming. A crowded room with lots of people shouting encouragement. Trust me, it will be an experience you’ll never forget and begin looking forward to every year. You will be amazed at fun you will have cheering on your teammates.

Points are earned as follows:

  • 1 point is awarded for every registered member of the team who participates in an Open workout.
  • 3 points for top 3 male RX
  • 3 points for top 3 female RX
  • 2 points for top 3 male scaled
  • 2 points for top 3 female scaled
  • 2 points for top 3 male masters
  • 2 points for top 3 female masters
  • 5 points to the team who wins “The Weekly Spirit Challenge”

2/23: Points go to the team with the most certified judges
3/3:  Points go to the team who have the most FB  check ins from FNL #cfstcopen
3/9: “Patriotic Night”  Points go to the team who posts the most photos from FNL wearing patriotic gear
Post a pic on your FB page #cfstcopen
3/16: Bring a friend night. Points go to the team who brings the most non-CF friends. Post a pic on your FB page #cfstcopen
3/23: Crazy Costume night! No explanation needed!

We’ve been prepping for the WODs the past few weeks. Now is the time to challenge yourself and have some fun! Sign up today so your points count!

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The Open, Virtuosity and Middle School

When my daughters were in 8th grade they had an exceptional team of teachers. The science, social studies and english teachers all worked together and created a cohesive approach to each class. What this meant was that the command of the basics of language were as important in science and social studies as it was in english class. Spelling and grammar had as much weight in the grade of the sciences papers as did the content.

The kids had to practice what they learned in all their classes. They had to be good at mundane things like spelling to do well across the board. They couldn’t just be good at science. They had to be good at science and spelling.

The CrossFit open is upon us. We have created our teams,  practiced the skills and embraced the WODS. This Friday begins the test of our work. The same is true for us as it was for my 8th graders, you have to good at all the things.

During the Open you’ll be ranked by your strength and speed but before that you’ll be judged on the mundane things such as depth of your squat, push up and dips, height of your pull up and extension of your arms, legs and hips in all those movements. If they do not meet the basic requirements you will get the dreaded NO REP! This is one of the worst things to happen, it literally doubles your work.  Your movement must be virtuous to be counted.

This week take some to time to evaluate your virtuosity.  Will every rep count or will you be wasting your time and energy? Regardless of the answer, practice good standards. When the timer starts in the Open you’ll be excited and nervous. You’re going to want to be as fast and strong as you can. You should not have to have to worry about whether or not your reps count. Make good reps your norm.

I can not recommend the CrossFit Judges Course more strongly. More than anything it brings you awareness of how form affects your work out. Its a great education for just $10.