Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays. Taking some much deserved time to spend with friends and family and reflect on what is truly important in life.
Peace, Love and Joy!

7 ways get your Kids to Love Fitness

Little A. having fun on the rower while her parents work out and her brother watches. Who is the role model now?

These days the odds of raising fit kids are kind of stacked against us.
More and more they are enticed indoors in front of a computer, television, tablet or smart phone. Even as adults we find these magic devices pretty irresistible. As parents its a constant battle but it is winnable.

1. Be a role model
Health and fitness must be important to you. Your children emulate everything you do, especially at a young age. You are their hero. The adage “Do as I say not as I do” is a massive FAIL waiting to happen. Be the type of person you want your kids to be.

2. Exercise
Get moving! Let your children see you moving. Don’g be afraid to take them to the gym with you. Just about every kid that watches their parents do a burpee will end up giving it a try. Just google “kids doing burpees” there are videos of babies who just learned to walk doing burpees! And LOVING it!

3. Play with your kids. 
Whatever they love, play it with them! Whatever they  love, play it with them! Back yard sports, catch, kickball, run around the park. Don’t be the parent that watches your children play. Jump in there with them and watch their faces light up. Pure joy!

4. Make it a family activity.
Go on a hike, walk around the park, ride bikes together, walk the dog. Friday night dance party in the family room on a rainy day. It doesn’t have to be a game. You just have to move

5. Take the time. 
Make it a priority. All you need is 10 minutes. In that amount of time you can do some squats, push ups, sit ups and burpees. Everyone has 10 minutes. Yes, yes you do. You will be amazed at how much better you’ll all fee.

6. Talk to them about fitness
Tell them how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, make it a part of daily conversation. You’ll find that they’ll eventually be the ones to start the conversation.  Remember, you can’t just talk the talk, you must walk the walk.

7. Fake it ’til you make it!
So maybe you’re not a big fan of exercise. Fake it. You don’t have to love the 10 mins of exercise you just have to do it and then smile afterward. Remember, they are watching you.

The key to your child’s relationship with exercise is in YOU.


Such a great night last night as test week continues. I got to witness a significant amount of hard work. Most notable to me was Keith and Debi P. They’ve both been out for the Holidays and they came back last night to kill their total! Both PR’d their squats with form that has shown a lot of improvement and very hard work. I am so proud of them both!

Test Week Continues…
If you haven’t done A,B or C from Yesterday. Get it done.
If you have…
Maybe you should have taken a day off!

If not, then do this…

Max Effort Wall Ball – Test is to be performed as one unbroken set.  Resting of any kind is NOT permitted.  Dropping the ball on the ground is NOT permitted.  The test is performed by keeping a steady pace.  Any reps where the ball does not hit the target do not count, however missed target reps are not considered “Breaking” the set, so simply discount the missed rep and continue your capacity test.

Record Score: Medicine Ball Weight / Number of reps i.e. 10#/51

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Effort Plank– The plank is held on the forearms and begins when the knees extend fully from the ground. The back must not sway. The Athlete will have one warning. If the athlete cannot effectively fix the fault then the set ends.
Record Score: Time

Monday-Friday-Test Week
Second Sunday-“My Paleo Life” with Amy Reosslein
Jan 31- Mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet

Young Athletes can Raise Their Game!

Raise Your Game for Young Athletes
presented by Crossfit Games Athlete
Ingrid Hurley

Ages 10-14

Description: This unique 6 session training

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is for the intermediate to advanced athlete. Emphasis is on gaining strength and speed for any one looking to improve their explosive performance as well as gain core strength and flexibility. We will be inside and out so dress accordingly. Functional movements performed at high intensity along with traditional Pilates.

When: Next session starts March 3
Cost: $ 90.00/pp. 6 person max

Contact Ingrid for more information