CFStC 3.0

We are moving along with re-opening the gym. 
Thank you all for your support, patience and consideration of each other.It has been amazing to see everyone in the gym. Our community is full of greatness!

This past week we…

  • Increased class size to 10 athletes
  • Added 5p classes to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

This upcoming week we will…

  • Add Friday at 9a
  • Open access to showers
  • Resume towel service

How we plan to continue to keep our members and staff safe

  • all members and staff are required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the gym and may be ask to reuse throughout the class
  • all staff and members are required to wash their hands after using the bathroom
  • Members and staff are required to observe social distancing while in class. We will continue to use our assigned boxes
  • Members and staff are required to be considerate of each other while moving around the gym
  • Members and staff will continue to wipe down equipment after use
  • Staff will wipe down door handles and bathroom surfaces after each class

Thank you all for your participation with our guidelines. These are steps that we must take to fulfill the requirements of the state mandates but most importantly to reduce risk for everyone one of you. 

Kim and crew

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