Challenge Yourself. Be Honest with Yourself: Tony’s Story

We all know that challenging ourselves is important. When was the last time you challenged yourself at the gym or during a WOD 🤔. Have you been doing the same old same old for the past weeks or months? This is when we need to be honest with ourselves and remind ourselves that growth doesn’t occur in areas of comfort. Tony is a great example of this! 🔥

Read all about him in our interview below!


1. Introduce yourself! (Who you are and what you do)

Tony Perkins, I am currently an Associate Engineer (in IT) that focuses on Unified Endpoint Management as a Service. I am also currently an Engineer officer in the Army transitioning to civilian life. I run a little business on the side, and I have recently decided to get serious with the bass guitar again.

2. What was your background/ experience with fitness and exercise before finding CrossFit?

I have always been a bit of an athlete. I ran track and cross-country up until my early years in college. I studied Capoeira and Taekwondo up until my college years as well. I joined the army at the age of 17, so I have had to follow their standards for many years now. I have also coached track and taught self-defense for a few years.

3. How did you hear about CrossFit and CrossFit St. Charles?

I’ve always known about CrossFit. I stayed away from it when I was deep into running. I was around 120lbs, and I wanted to stay that way. I was kind of intimidated. Cody Mason is the person that introduced me to CrossFit St. Charles.

4. What was your goal when starting CrossFit?

The Army changed the APFT standards, and I wanted to be prepared to do well. I scored 583 out of 600 on it.

5. How has CrossFit impacted your life outside of the gym walls?

  Yes…I have met people, made new friends, and have even picked up a new career field. I also feel better.

6. What are you most proud of since joining?

Honestly, just becoming a well-rounded athlete. I’ve gotten stronger, more precise, and motivated to uphold a healthy lifestyle. It’s helped with my sparring a great deal.

7. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since joining?

Snatches and the assault bike.

8. What’s a big lesson you’ve learned since starting your CrossFit journey?

Never be afraid to challenge yourself, but also be honest with yourself. There are times to go all out, and there are times to take it easy. Your body will speak to you. You just need to listen.

9. What’s something you would tell your old self before joining the gym?

There’s going to be a Saturday partner WOD a couple of years from now. It’s going to be a tough one…one of those “40+ minute WODs…. yeah…you’ll see what I mean soon. Nonetheless, you’re going to feel like taking it easy that day. You’ll see Coach Michelle pregnant with her second child and think “I’ll just ask her to be my partner, it should be easy enough”. You’ll want to head over to ask her to be your partner…. Don’t! She’ll break you!

10. What’s next for you in your CrossFit journey?

Who knows? Competitions; Run Club; Coaching? I’m excited to see where the journey takes me.


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