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Coach Ryan was an endurance athlete who has competed in over⠀
100 triathlons, 13 of them being the 140.6-mile Ironman triathlon. He also used to be a skydiving instructor /videographer who competed in RW skydiving competitions, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, hiked the Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim in a day, AND is set to climb Mount Rainer next July!! ⠀

I guess you could say he’s pretty generally physically prepared ⠀

After 22 years of competing in endurance events, he started CrossFit in 2015 and is now an L1 Certified Trainer with an Adaptive Athlete certification.⠀
If you have met Ryan in the gym, you may have noticed he’s got a bold and playful way about him. He also has a way that will make you feel welcome, part of the family, and comfortable with pushing yourself further than you thought you could. ⠀
“Make things happen!” is the RYAN mantra for life, family, business and coaching. ⠀

Ryan also says, “Though I enjoy watching a member in the gym pull of a 300 pound⠀
clean, 500-pound deadlift or 400-pound squat, I love nothing more than⠀
seeing a member achieve a push-up, box jump, pull up, double under, or first⠀
RX workout for the very first time up. We are a gym of creating firsts, so let’s make it happen!”⠀


  • CFL- 1 Trainer

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