Congratulations Shelby! She’s Athlete of the Month!

Lets hear it for Shelby Ragusky, She is Athlete of the Month!!! 

Get to know this stud! 

1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us? 
I joined last year in July and went to a class with Debi Pickler and I have been addicted to CF ever since.
2. Favorite/ Least Favorite Workout and why? 
My favorite workout is cindy because I love all of those movements in a fast pase workout, least favorite is anything with snatching because I’m a runner and it’s hard for me to put all the movements together, but nothing I cant work on.
3. Best part about working out with morning crew? 
Best part about working out with the morning crew is they are so fun and crazy all the time and push you and encourage you to do your best and I just love the atmosphere.
4. What genre of music would you be? 
Country music
5. What is the one super power you would want to have most and why? 
my super power would be flying because I hate driving and i have really bad road rage so then i wouldn’t have to drive.
6. You have some races coming up! What are you competing in and how is training going? Has CF helped? 
I am competing in the cowbell full marathon in October, training is going great I run a lot on the katy trail and crossfit has helped a lot with my insurance and my breathing when I’m running!
7. What’s your phone wallpaper right now?
my screen shot on my phone is a quote and it says “you are brave than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagine”.  
8.  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
I would go to Hawaii because I want to go sky diving there!
9. Whats the Shelby Motto? 
my motto is never give up even if it’s really hard! just get up and go do it!
You’re one of a kind Shelby Ragusky!!  
Thank you again for being awesome! 
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