CrossFit Gear- Essential #1

Starting Crossfit is the beginning on an amazing journey. In the beginning the learning curve is huge. So much to learn, new movements, new skills and an entirely new language. It’s almost like moving to a new country!

Having the proper gear to help you along the way is extremely helpful.

So here is an idea of what should be in your gym bag!

Essential #1

A good pair of shoes: We prefer a low profile shoe. Thick walking shoes tend to be overbuilt in the heel pushing the balance forward. Most of the weight training we do requires our bodyweight to shift back into the heels. A few recommendations are:

Which shoe your prefer is very personal. All the shoes listed have a low profile, are very light weight and are designed to help you feel rooted during lifts. They also are designed to give you traction during rope climbs and slip during handstand push ups. Some are more flexible than others and the fits are different from line to line.
Expect to replace the inserts if you need  arch support. 

I’ve worn and loved INOV8’s for years and have moved to the NoBull in the past 2 years. I own 1 pair of MetCons and 1 Pair of Nanos. I don’t wear either. It’s best to find someone with your size foot and try on their shoes!

Reebok CrossFit Nano

  • Great design
  • Buy on Amazon
  • Buy some versions locally at the Reebok outlet

Nike MetCons

  • Great design
  • Buy online
  • Sometimes they squeak. Seriously. There is a baby powder fix though


  • Fresh designs
  • Buy online
  • Currently very popular

INOV8 F-lite

  • Super lightweight
  • Minimal barefoot feel
  • Great design
  • Buy online
    This should be your first purchase. It’s not cheap but its worth it.
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