CrossFit Open 2019 Wrap Up


The WODs are done and the results are in. This 2019 Spring Open has proven to be my favorite to date.

Congratulations to Aggressively Average for coming out on top of the scoreboard and claiming their spot on our trophy. Congratulations to all the teams who did the wods, tooke the judges course and judged and showed up to FNL to support everyone. Getting a chance to meet people we don’t normally see in class is one of the greatest perks!

This year’s Intramural allowed us to come together in competition, community and celebration. It allowed us to be a part of something a greater than normal. It made doing the Open WODs more important than just a regular workout. It raised our standards of movement and gave them meaning. It pushed us to achieve the unexpected.

Our Captains were amazing! They worked harder than anyone realizes, keeping up with their teams, coming in early or staying late to help motivate and judge. Some came during their normal work hours just to support their teammates. During the WODs they “put everything on floor” with their performances and were an inspiration to everyone. We are all so grateful to Nikki, Rebecca, Maria and Angie for their leadership!

I loved all the workouts.(Yes, even 19.5)  They were elegantly designed, extremely challenging and well scaled. They allowed for all levels of athletes to participate in the excitement of competing against the clock and pushing themselves to new levels.

The Open (as is all competition) is a test.
It tests your levels of fitness, strength, skill, endurance, commitment and tenacity.

It’s a chance to put what you’ve learned to work and see what happens. Everyone in this gym should be proud of what they have accomplished.  

If you PR’d a movement, did a pull up/chest to bar pull up, handstand push up or cleaned a weight you’d never done before, or simply pushed yourself harder than you thought possible, then you know why you did the Open.

Now is the time to draw your new starting line. It’s time to look back over those WODs and figure out what is most important to you. What would you invest your time into improving over the next six months. Because guess what…2019 Fall Open is COMING!

This is a perfect time to do some hard focused work. Get back to some basics that will support the more advanced movements. I’ve asked everyone to make a list, soon I’ll be asking for it. Be ready!

The Fall Open is like a pop quiz that is 50% of your grade. Let’s use this to make some magic happen!

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