Crossover Symmetry with Sarah

What is Chiit-solo_hookrossover Symmetry and why do you need to learn about it?
Crossfit St Charles has the most amazing secret for shoulder health and it is now available to every member of Crossfit St. Charles! However, you first need to learn HOW to use it properly.
So, we are now offering a FREE second Sunday presentation dedicated to teaching proper technique  for the Crossover Symmetry System!!
Please come this coming Sunday, February 8th from 2:00-3:00pm to learn how to use this incredible system to improve your shoulder health and avoid injury.
This system was designed by top sports physical therapy experts, athletes & coaches to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics.
Having proper shoulder mechanics in the scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff muscles reduces the risk of injury & improves performance by allowing the shoulder complex to operate at an optimum level through reducing excessive motion that can lead to injury and impaired performance due to energy leaks.
This system duplicates many of the singular exercises that physical therapists prescribe to patients who are recovering from shoulder injuries and to those who are strengthening their shoulders.
This system has continued to impress me and I know it will help the shoulder health of our gym members! Please come on Sunday so that you can partake in using this system yourself! Your shoulders will thank you for it!!
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