Festivus Games Recap

Festivus Recap

WOW what a day!
Congratulations to our home grown competitors
Josh and Michelle, Jamie and Anne, Jason and Rebecca,Chris and Shelby, Dave and Suzanne, Nikki and Chris, Val and Tim(Puma), Kris and Sara (who took 3rd in Novice!) We are all so proud of all of you. Your training and tenacity showed and represented well.
Festivus prep starts months in advance but really kicks into gear the week before the comp. We start to physically prep the gym and make a plan for all the re-organization. Friday the 9a class sticks around loads all the extra equipment onto the uhaul for storage. I wish I would have taken a picture of Coach Chris and the 9a girls beasting those Echo Bikes into that truck!  We hustle to get everything cleared out so that we can still have class at 1130. (So much thanks to Coach Hopper for teaching 1130 class with about 3 mins. notice.) The work continues through the rest of the day and well into the evening with the final staging of the first WOD done by the 5:30p class.
The competition got great reviews from everyone. It was smooth as silk. This was all due to the efforts of our amazing volunteers. Our judges, some of whom judge almost every heat, our DJ, Scorekeeper, runners, Staging supervisors, Break room management, photographers and anyone who just got stuff done.

To all our coaches and members who helped on Comp Prep Friday,  Comp. Saturday, and those that were able to stay and help with the clean up (the gym was back in order in about 30 mins!) THANK YOU!

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