Friday – What Do You Want?

Bailey & Meghan!
Bailey & Meghan!

What Do You Want?

Often we ask ourselves or are asked this powerful question.
Its a fairly easy question to answer when people walk into CFSTC for the first time. The answers usually are…
“I want to lose weight”
“I want to get fit”
“I want to get stronger”
The honest reality is, that is what we all want. Who wouldn’t want to be lean? Who wouldn’t want to be fit? Who wouldn’t want to be strong?
What sets us apart is what we are willing to endure. For what we are willing to struggle.
How are you willing to suffer?
This is a real and difficult question for which you must be completely honest with yourself.
If you WANT lose weight are you willing to cut out all sugars? Are you willing to only drink water? Are you wiling to prep and cook your food? Are you willing to be the only one not drinking while out with your friends?
If you WANT to get fit are you willing to be out of breath? Are you willing to be sweaty and uncomfortable? Are you willing to be embarrassed by your lack of fitness? Are you willing to get into the gym at least 3 days a week consistently?
If you WANT to get stronger are you willing to pick up weights? Are you willing to push yourself past what you thought was possible? Are you wiling to endure sore muscles and an achy body? Are you willing to trust the professionals that you pay to help you?
To get what you want you have to be someone you are not. If you continue to behave and live the way you did yesterday you will not see any change.
Are you currently lean? No? Then you must to behave like a lean person. Eat a clean diet, cut out sugar and junk foods, eat more lean proteins and vegetables.
Are you currently fit? No? Then you must to behave like a fit person. Workout at minimum 3 days a week at an intensity that challenges you. Run.
Are you currently strong? No? Then you must behave like a strong person. Challenge yourself with weight that feels heavy. Enjoy the muscle fatigue and soreness that comes with weakness leaving the body. You must continue to move when you are sore and push past the voice in your head that tells you to stop.
This all seems like such an easy prescription. It’s not. If it were you’d already have what you want.
In order to do these things you must change your way o thinking about food, exercise and yourself. Its a lifestyle transformation
Ask yourself, “What do I really want and how am I willing to suffer for it”
You must battle for what you want, that is what defines your success.
-Coach Kim


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