Friday – Jenn is Athlete of the Month!

How about a big ol’ CrossFit St. Charles Congrats to Jenn Hogan on earning Augusts title of Athlete of the Month!!!! Get to know this Stud below!
1. When & How Did You Get Started With Us?

When- March 27, 2012! Wow, that seems so long ago.
How-I was talking about working out at work (imagine that! Haha).  I think it was probably about Body Pump or something.  A guy I work with asked if I had heard of crossfit, because he thought I would really like it. He pulled up a YouTube video and his box’s website and I was instantly intrigued.  I googled crossfit near st. Charles and this place showed up. I was hooked from the first day.
2. Favorite Workout and why?

Hmmm honestly anything with squats, power cleans, deadlifts, kettle bell swings, wall balls, and double unders because those are probably my best movements.
But if I had to pick an actual workout I would say Annie because it honestly just makes me really proud of my dedication.  Double unders used to be my absolute WORST movement.  I have no rythym and let’s face it- they are downright painful to learn. It took me a full year of trying to get ONE double under.  Well, being me, I got really sick of being terrible at them and ended up practicing them every day after class until I made them one of my best movements.  My Annie time went from 15:59 to 6:45.  Every time Annie comes around I remember all those welts and whipmarks I went through and it gets me right in the feels.
3. Least favorite workout and why?
Easy. Open WOD 14.5.  21,18,15,12,9,6,3 thrusters and bar over burpees.  Seriously, I don’t know if I could stomach doing it again. I’ve done it with the stomach flu and I’ve done it 35 weeks pregnant and I’m sure it would be completely terrible even without those things in the way.   PLEASE let this one retire.
4. Favorite thing about CrossFit St. Charles?

The community. Hands-down.
From the coaches to the atheletes.  Every single one of our coaches have provided me with valuable knowledge and they are always willing to answer my questions. Chris- how do I fix my rounded back with my deadlift? Bam- answer. Kim- why can’t I get the outside of my foot flat on the ground when I’m squatting? Bam- answer and my mind is blown. I could go on forever with these examples. I mean seriously- Paul and Jenn help me every single weekend with Maddie so I can get my workout in. That’s amazing, and above and beyond. And Ben is a Master programmer.  I’m always excited to see what we are doing the next day. We are so lucky with what our coaches bring to the table.
The athletes- I mean seriously- everyone is inspirational in their own way. You all are some of the best people I know.  I am thankful for every one of the people at CF St. Charles.
5. Favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

My go to ice cream is a Heath concrete from Doozles. =] yuuuum.
6. What does your most frequently used Emoji tab look like? (screenshot)

7. If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?
Flying! How cool would that be? Plus I could get places faster so I could spend more time doing what I love and spending time with those I love. 
8. Whats the Jenn Motto?
Motivation is fleeting and unreliable.  Discipline, however, is unyielding.  Force yourself to follow through. 
Keep being awesome Jenn!

“Heavy Day” 
A. Max Effort
Every 2:00 x 5 sets:
3 Hang Power Clean, Climb

B. Barbell Cycling
EMOM x 8
5 Touch N Go Push Jerk, Across

***Evening Class Schedule Update:
Class is at 5:30pm

Box News
Competition Saturday! August 26th @9:00am at CFSTC!

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