Friday-Level Up

Hang Snatch, 5×3, 75%

Ninja Benchmark
3 sets x Max Effort Muscle up

*If your hands and shoulders are still sore from Wednesday, do this over the weekend or early next week

EMOM x 10 minutes
Minute 1: 3 Speed Squats (Pause at bottom, explode up), 40-50% 1RM BS
Minute 2: 4 Box Jumps, aim to go slightly higher than last week

AMRAP x 7 minutes
2 Goblet Lunges, 55/35 (alternating)
2 Knee to Elbow
4 Goblet Lunges
4 Knee to Elbow
6 Goblet Lunges
6 Knee to Elbow

*Continue to add 2 reps after you complete a round until 7 minutes is up.

For time:
30 GHD Sit ups
25 GHD Hip Extension
20 Ab mat Sit ups
10 Pull overs or 10 Rollbacks

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Box News
SAMinar coming May 14th! Learn from Games Athlete, Sam Dancer!
Click here for info on the St. Chuck Ruck on May 15th! Gonna be a blast!
See Whats For Dinner!

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