Friday-Level Up Training

“CrossFit Total”
Take 15 minutes at each station to build to a HEAVY SINGLE
Back Squat
Strict Shoulder Press

*If you consistently follow Level Up It is not recommended to build MAX out your back squat or deadlift during this heavy squat cycle we are running. You will have your time. There will be no squats on Saturday to account for this extra volume. Train smart.

Daily Midline & Accessory
3-5 rounds
12 Barbell Upright Rows
9 Toes to Rings (Kipping)
6 Supine Ring Row
3 L-Sit Pull Ups (scale to 3 strict Pull up + :15 sec L-Sit Hold)
6 Handstand Push ups (Strict)
9 Ring Dips (Kipping)
12 Single Arm KB Press (Each)

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Box News 
Holiday Party @ Ryan Barr’s House Friday the 23rd! 

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