Get Your Squat Upright!

Want a better squat?  Of course you do. Whether you are trying to increase your 1RM lift or you just don’t want to hate doing Wall balls and Thrusters, you’re in the right place. For most people who come to the gym, you’re coming right after sitting for a few hours. This makes your hip flexors SUPER tight, so you go grab a foam roller and roll out for 3 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the foam roller, but it is going to take a little bit more preparation work to improve your position while squatting than the ole roller.

Consistent practice of these 3 drills before every squatting session or workout will improve your position drastically over time and you will learn to love the squat!

  1. Post Assisted Squat Therapy
    One of my favorites. Like the Hawaiian squat, stand in front of a post and grab a hold of the post with hands horizontally in line with your neck. With the feet at shoulder width apart, pull yourself into the bottom position of a squat. Your arms will extend as you pull yourself down into the squat. The goal is to have a tight midline, weight in the heels, upright torso, and eventually using as little help as possible from the post to get into a better position.
  2.  Hawaiian Squats
    For a more upright torso in the bottom of a squat, the demand of the hips are increased. Mainly in the form of external rotation in the hip joints. The Hawaiian Squat is a great drill to work this external rotation. Stand in front of a post and position yourself into a figure 4 (foot resting on knee). From this position, slide into the bottom of a squat, keeping a straight spine, especially in the lower region. The goal is to go as low as possible, feeling a stretch in the hip (not the outer edge of the knees!). As you perform more and more reps you should be able to go lower and lower.
  3. Wall Ball Stabilizer (Progression )
    Last but not least, the Wall Ball Stabilizer. This drill starts with the ball inbetween the feet, standing tall. Hinge at the hip, reach down and grab the ball.
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