Grocery Stores and Food Stress

Things are looking really different at the grocery store these days. Some stores have plexiglass up between you and the cashier, almost everyone is in a mask, and people clear the way when they see you coming.

What can be most jarring; the empty shelves.

Your nutrition should adapt as your body and lifestyle changes, so of course, right now your food intake looks very different. We’ve got a couple tips for you! Reduce stress around food needing to be “fresh”. There are so many healthy options in the freezer section of a store.

The goal is to eat a balanced meal while going to the store less. The frozen section is a great resource during this time.

Try something new! Your staples might be hard to find. Trying something new is often a mood lifter so right now, take advantage of being forced away from your normal go-to’s

Don’t forget you still need carbs! even though you might be more sedentary, you need carbs to support your body at this time. Choose carbs like fruit and vegetables that give you more sustainable energy.
No one needs an afternoon crash right now.

Remember, your body needs varied foods, lots of sleep, and regular movement.

This stressful time is not a time for calorie reduction but it is an ideal time to nail down the basics.

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with a high-calorie meal (Ahhmm wine and Easter candy), but the mismanaging of high-calorie meals, over time, becomes a problem. We’re rooting for all aspects of your health and wellness right now! Reach out is you need help managing your nutrition. We’re here to help!

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