Happy New Year!

Ahhh yes, the freshness of a new year. It’s like a blanket of snow or a fresh coat of paint.  A time to reflect on how things were, how they are and how we want them to be.
For many (everyone on the internet it seems) 2016 was a difficult year. With what seemed like a relentless loss of people we do and do not know, we couldn’t catch a break.  For others our own lives took turns that were unexpected and difficult. These are the events that we can reflect upon and learn from.
We quite often get swept up in life and move along an overall path born out of habit or expectations. We get so focused on the day to day happenings that sometimes the big picture gets crowed or lost. Yet we continue to grow and evolve until for some reason we begin to reevaluate what we need and what makes us happy. With these revelations decisions must be made. These turning points in life can be scary and hard to experience but are completely necessary for progress and happiness. We are compelled to make very large changes like with jobs or relationships or smaller scale changes like gym goals or dietary habits. Regardless of what they are, change requires intention and attention. It requires investment and courage. It requires support.
Reflection and evaluation can happen at anytime. The new year simply serves as a starting point. In order to be done effectively reflection and evaluation should be done periodically through the year.
We have to clean out the closets and patch the walls before we can add that fresh coat of pain!

We use the new year to reevaluate our gym goals and get a jump start on nutrition standards. The Wall of Intention will be updated this week. please take the time to think about what is truly important to you and  worth spending your time working towards.

Finally, I’d like to share three remarkable gifts I received this Christmas season.

The first was an offer of time. It wasn’t a party invitation or lunch date but a very heartfelt invitation to my family to spend time with another. During a time when everyone is so busy it was extremely generous.

The second is pictured above . It was from someone who is grateful to me (and others I am sure) for being in their life. It reminded me of the things that make my heart happy. Specifically my husband, children and family and also my CrossFit St. Charles family.
I keep it in a spot I see daily.

Lastly, I received a wish. It was a wish that I would be surrounded by people full of love, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness and support.
Well….lucky me, huh?

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