How To Get What You Want. part 2

But…I don’t know what I want! I come to the gym, I do what you tell me.

This is a common statement. Its very easy to get caught up in living our lives from day to day and not considering how it truly affects us. Try this simple but beautiful exercise.
Fold a sheet of paper wise into fourths. Title the first column,
“What I Hate”
then fill in that column.
1. I hate that I feel fat
2. I hate my job
3. I hate that I can’t do pull ups in the WODs
4. I hate burpees
Title the next column,
“What I Want”
Fill in this column with the opposite of  the above statements
1. I want to lose weight
2. I want to get a new job
3. I want to do pull ups
4. I want to never do burpees again.
Title the third column,
“What I need to do…”
Fill in this column with what you think will give you what you want
1. I need to eat healthier
2. I need to look for a better job
3. I need to get stronger
4. I need to tell the coach that I’m not doing burpees anymore
Lastly, Title the fourth column,
“What I am willing to do…”
1. I WILL give up soda and refined sugar
2. I WILL submit my resume to 3 companies that I find attractive
3. I WILL work on pulling strength everyday that I am in the gym
4. Death, Taxes and burpees. I WILL suck it up.

How to get what you want. part 1

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