How To Get What You Want. part 3

Now that you know what you want and you have realized what you are willing to do, its time to do it.
Without realizing it, you have just set some goals for yourself. There are a few things that you must do with these goals.
1. Set a reasonable deadline. 
With no sense of urgency or expediency your goal may never be realized. You may never get what you want. Be sure that “reasonable” is not so short a time that you fail or so long a time that you forget what you wanted.
2. Ask for help. Find some one who you trust and ask them for advice. Write a outline of action. Hire a personal trainer. Talk to people that have had the same wants and struggles as you and become inspired by their stories and tips. Google it.
3. Give it your attention. This is the most important. Without your conscious thoughts and efforts you goal will shrivel and die. Ask yourself on a daily basis, “What will I do today to reach my goal?”

Give what you want life.

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