July 2021 Nutrition Spotlight Athlete of the Month: Alan Bess

Alan Bess has been looking AMAZING as of late ever since doing Nutrition Coaching w/ coach Michelle! After trying so many diets including paleo, keto, weight watchers, etc, he finally decided to try nutrition with the gym and has made amazing progress in just under six months 🤯

Along with his weight loss, he has also shown great improvements in his energy and performance in class! 👊. Alan loves to use the plate method and says “Life happens, and talking with Michelle is a good way to reset. Losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard choose, your hard. Baby steps every day.”

We’re super proud of him and can’t wait to see everything else he accomplishes and the improvements he’ll make along the way! Looking to lose weight, improve upon your nutrition, or get these results? Go to crossfitstcharles.com or the link in our bio to get started! 💪

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