Keep it up.

With everything upside down, we’re so proud of you for prioritizing your health and fitness amidst the chaos.

It would be easier to sit on the couch, but you’ve decided to stay active—and we find that so inspiring. It’s also very smart. More and more, we’re hearing about stress, anxiety, and depression related to the COVID crisis. While you probably can’t avoid all the stress of these times, you can buffer it and stay level with exercise.

It’s true. The CDC lists exercise and healthy eating as two prime ways to cope with stress and anxiety, so you’re doing the right thing by prioritizing nutrition and activity. And I’ll bet you feel at least a little better after every workout. I know I do.

Exercise helps me blow off steam, loosen up, and recharge. And the sense of accomplishment I get gives me the confidence to tackle the many problems we’re all faced with right now.

Your commitment to fitness makes you part of the solution. You’re a community leader! We know it’s a challenging period, but we wanted to remind you that you’re winning every time you train. You’re protecting yourself as best you can, you’re investing in your health and you’re inspiring those around you. Keep it up!

If you’re not exercising and prioritizing your health, now is the time! We’re open and we’ve been able to operate safely. Come in and learn how to avoid stress, get healthy, and become part of the solution!

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