Level Up Training: Whats Coming

Alright alright alright! Lets talk training. We just finished up a gnarly 12 week long squat cycle, and the gains were real! So many PRs and technical gains. However, now that we are good and strong, lets talk about what we will be doing with training leading up to, and through the Open.

Firstly this next upcoming week will be a De-load for Level Up athletes. The Met-cons or WODs wont be much different. Our strength and skill work will be much less taxing on the body however. More focus on skill this week over strength. Keep things light and make sure your body feels good.

Our next cycle of training will focus heavy on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Over the course of 16 weeks we will focus on different aspects of these lifts, building adaptations for overall Olympic weightlifting skill and power.  The work for these days will posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Open conditioning will now be ramping up since we are ONLY 3 WEEKS AWAY. Look for extra conditioning work that will be based off old Open workouts (we are still doing our Open workout every Friday as well). Make sure to get all these pieces in (basically all extra “conditioning” work).

Lastly a quick note on mindset.
I recently came across a great piece of advice from Ben Bergeron (if you don’t know him, go follow him on Instagram. Its worth it)
During your sessions, ask yourself if you’re competing or training.  Are you constantly comparing your time and numbers to others in the group? You’re competing. Do you get angry with yourself when you miss a lift? You’re competing. There is so much to work towards in this sport, it can be exhausting wasting energy on anything other than self improvement.  There is a time and place for competing. Remember to take a step back enjoy the process. The sooner you do, the fitter you will become.

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