Meet Our New Coach, Tyler Long: A Beacon of Knowledge and Dedication

We at CrossFit St. Charles are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our coaching staff, Tyler Long. Tyler’s journey within our community has been marked by an unwavering commitment to fitness and learning, and we are delighted to see him transition from a dedicated member to a passionate coach.

A Rich Background

Tyler has been an integral part of our CrossFit family for the past three years, known for his earnest dedication and supportive nature. He holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Athletic Training, equipping him with deep insights into athlete care and injury prevention. Additionally, Tyler’s extensive experience as a local firefighter and paramedic enriches his approach to coaching, blending emergency response skills with athletic training.

A Deep Passion for Fitness and Health

Tyler’s professional background has imbued him with critical skills that are beneficial both inside and outside the gym—discipline, resilience, and a keen ability to manage both physical and emotional pressure. These qualities translate seamlessly into his training methods, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and tailored fitness strategies that cater to individual needs.

From Member to Mentor

Over the years, Tyler has not only excelled in his personal fitness journey but has also demonstrated a genuine desire to share his knowledge with others. Passing his CrossFit Level 1 certification was a natural step for him, fueled by his high-level quest for knowledge and his passion for community fitness.

As a coach, Tyler is excited to bring his expertise and enthusiasm to every class, ensuring that all members benefit from thoughtful, scientifically-backed fitness programming. His commitment to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is palpable, and we are confident that he will inspire and motivate our community to new heights.

Join Us in Welcoming Tyler

Please join us in welcoming Tyler to his new role. We are confident that his unique skills, combined with his infectious enthusiasm for fitness, will make a significant impact on our community. We look forward to the energy, creativity, and expertise he brings to our coaching team.

We can’t wait for you all to experience his classes and benefit from his guidance and support!

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