Wanna know why its going to be such a great Monday? THE OPEN STARTS THIS WEEK!

All of you have your CFSTC Open Intramural Teams established and were ready to get this party started!

This Thursday we will kick off our in house competition and have some fun! At 7pm CrossFit HQ will announce WOD 16.1 of the 2016 Open. We will all be up at the gym watching the live open announcement on the monitors. Come on up wearing your colors and ready to represent! If you’re up too it, be ready
to tackle the workout!

To refresh yourself on the CFSTC Open Intramural or if you haven’t heard of this yet, go here, then contact Ben or Kim!
We also need judges for the Open! If you’d like to help out and become a judge this Open, go here!


Complete as many rounds & reps possible in 5 minutes:
10 Wall ball, 20/14
5 Muscle Up

Rest 5 minutes

Complete as many rounds & reps possible in 5 minutes:
20 Double Under
5 Muscle Up

Post scores for each to Train Heroic

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