Big shout out to our CrossFit St. Charles’ July Athlete of the Month, Brian Dunn! If you’ve met him, its clear to see why he deserves this. If you haven’t, be sure to say hi! Get to know Brian a little better:

  1. You are an OG here! How long have you been a member at St. Charles? Do you remember your first workout/ experience?

I believe it has been 7 or 8 years, I started at the gymnastics location on St. Peters Howell Rd.

About my first workout / experience, I don’t remember my first workout.  However, I do remember doing a lot of chippers!!!  Lots of body weight stuff…I remember using a band for pull-ups and dips.  Basically, I had to learn all of the skills and gain the strength necessary to complete the movements.  I remember having “DNF” (Did Not Finish) written next to my name a lot!!!!!  I would literally leave halfway through the class.

  1. What kept you coming back all this time?

A combination of the coaches and members keep me coming back.  I am fortunate to be motivated by some of the best coaches around and am lucky to continuously meet awesome people.

  1. What does a day in the life of Brian Dunn look like? 

The most important and enjoyable part of my day is taking care/spending time with my son, Louis, getting him to school, playing with him, dinners and getting him ready for bed.  Sandwiched in-between taking care of Louis, I work at Thompson Coburn in the IT Department and try to make it to CrossFit 4 or 5 times a week.

Pretty boring!!!!

  1. Lets say you just won the CrossFit Games, time to celebrate with a cheat meal! What is it? Anything goes! 

I would have a cheat month planned out.  Seriously, I would go on a restaurant tour!!! I would eat a few meals on the Hill. I would enjoy about 10 different pizza places.  I might need to spend 10 days in Mexico to get enough Mexican food!  I would eat burger after burger after burger!!!!

  1. Lets say time travel is possible and you have a time machine, you are allowed to go back to one moment to teach yourself a lesson, what is it? 

I would go back and order the correct CrossFit America shirt.  The XL ladies tank with flowy back didn’t fit that well.

Brian we are lucky to have you! Thanks for always being awesome!

Dead Train
Deadlift, 225/155
400m Run

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