How about a huge shout out to our Athlete of the Month, Jenn Elfrink! Jenn is as hard a worker as they come and always brings a fun & friendly vibe to class.  Get to know this OG a little better! 

1. Congrats Jenn, you’re Athlete of the Month! Do you have a victory song or pump up music we can play in our heads as we read this?

Oh this is a hard one for me bc I am that annoying music person w/ about 100 “top ten fave songs of all time!!!!”  If I had to pick a “fight song” it would probably have to be “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. If I had to pick a victory song I’d say, “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine”. But we can’t forget Kim’s and my love for a little EVH’s “Eruption” every now again!

2. You’re an OG! How long have you been with us now? What was your first workout? Remember it?

I walked through the doors in March 2011. Earlier that year, my husband and I had lost twin girls at 21 weeks into the pregnancy. I was broken,lost and needed something  to throw myself into.  I walked in on a Friday afternoon to a Glover/Jim Hurley bro sesh. They both greeted me with a handshake welcome. Enter Yoda (Kim) who gave me the cutest tour of the accommodations ever, (“this is our locker room/kitchen”) then  proceeded to rip apart my Body Pump squat form and change my life forever.

I don’t remember my first WOD after baseline but I remember that well. ❤

3. What’s a day in the life of Jenn look like?

My days are a constant variation of the same details. When my husband’s not traveling, you’ll find me at Dawn Patrol class (they see us rollin’!) then either straight to work or loop back home to help w/ one of three school morning carpools (they see us rollin’!) Then work is followed by practice/game Uber-ing (minus the pay).

Dinner. Homework. Losing battles to a three year old. You know, minor details.  Some days I write down a game plan. Some I wing it.

4. Don’t let the MO heat influence your answer, would you rather own a ski lodge or beach house? 

Beach house. Vitamin D!!

5. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Flying. I hate driving in circles every night!!

6. What’s the Jenn Elfrink Motto?
Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work.

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