The CrossFit Invitational Event was last night and it was exciting!
The Invitational event is a team competition pitting the best male and female athletes on teams from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia against each other head to head. Its kinda cool.
Why should you watch? Rich Froning, Jason Kalipa, Julie Foucher, Camille Bazinet, Lucas Parker, Annie Thorisdottir (class act) Paul Tremblay (my new crush)…and all the cool kids. Everyone of them does something amazing.
Why should you care?
The essence of competition is the heart of Crossfit. Not only were they fast but their reps were virtuous. There is no time for No Reps in competition. Can you guess how many times they miss a rep in training?
Each of the athletes competing gave everything they had for their very own reasons. They worked together as a team and celebrated everyones successes (watch how the ladies act after the snatch Wod) They each had strengths and weaknesses (except for Rich) and blasted through them. They’ve all had injuries and losses in their careers that they’ve overcome to get where they are today. Basically they are just like the rest of us but really freaking amazing superior at CrossFit.

Its time to choose your CrossFit hero.It doesn’t have to be one of the Invitational athletes, there are plenty others that are worthy.  Choose someone that you can aspire to be like. Get to know them, wonder what would they do in todays WOD at CrossFit St. Charles. Compete with yourself but with one of them sitting on your shoulder. Don’t settle for what you have today, create your own reasons for giving everything you’ve got!



4 rounds
5 Power cleans (155/105lbs or  scale to 70%)
5 Jerks
15 pull-ups

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