Monday-Level Up

Every 2 minutes for 5 sets (10 minutes)
8 Back Squat, across

Use the same weight for each set.

Conditioning I:
Pinky & The Brain V2 (Teams of 2)
AMRAP x 15 minutes:
Slamballs, 40/30
Farmers Walk (Kettlebell), 1/2 Gasser

Partner 1 starts with Slamballs
Partner 2 starts with 1/2 Gasser Farmers Carry
Switch when Partner 2 returns.
Score is total Slamballs completed.
Athlete choose weight to carry on Farmer Walk.

Conditioning II:
4 rounds for maximum effort:
200m Sprint

Sprint to the 400m marker (tattoo parlor)
walk back to garage door. The walk is your rest.

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