Our Mission

 Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you look like, we are dedicated to providing the tools and accountability for living a healthy lifestyle. 

At CFStC, we are an inclusive gym that is built around an atmosphere of hard work, encouragement and celebration.

Our mission is to help anyone with a goal to improve their lives through exercise and nutrition. 

Here you will find coaches who genuinely care about every person who walks through the door. You’ll find our members to be open and welcoming. You’ll find like minded people who are as excited about your wins as you are.
You’ll find a community that will not seek to discriminate, judge or embarrass.

CrossFit St. Charles is a place that is meant to be your haven. To get away from the stress and drama of life and spend one hour focusing on yourself to benefit both your physical and mental health.

What do we ask in return?


With consistency, hard work and coaching, You will thrive.

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