Partner Up! Considerations For Partner Comps


With springtime and warmer air come opportunities to throw down in local competitions. Whether you’ve competed or not, consider a team event. Competition with a buddy can take a little pressure off the day. Give you someone to bounce ideas off of, lean on and learn with. The biggest benefit is that working with a partner is just plain fun!

There are just a few considerations when considering a Partner competition.

  1. Choose your partner wisely.
    Whether you choose someone similar to you, someone who is strong in our weak areas or just your buddy, be sure that your partner and you share the same mindset. Are you in it to win it? Are you looking to place as high as you can? Are you looking to just have some fun and do your best. The choice is yours but a partnership without the same goal will leave one person disappointed.
  2. Train together
    If you and your partner are on different schedules you must carve out some time at least once a week to train together. You’ll have to learn how to work together prior to steeping into a competition arena
  3. Communication
    Partnership is all about communication. You’ve have to be attentive to each other. Its important to learn what your partners “Pain Face” looks like in order to support them when needed. You should know how to push each other. Some like to be yelled at and told what to do, some need words of encouragement while others prefer small cues on what to do to keep moving.

Grab a partner and look around for a comp and then get to training. Check out Dynamic Duo which is a coed competition.

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