Post Festivus musings

A HUGE Thank you to all these judges and volunteers who made the day run so smoothly. Quite frankly I'm suprised we were able to get such a good picture of all of us! #ThenChrisHappened
A HUGE Thank you to all these judges and volunteers who made the day run so smoothly. Quite frankly I’m suprised we were able to get such a good picture of all of us! #ThenChrisHappened

To the members of CFSTC,
I have to be honest, today is the first day that I’ve been able to truly reflect on the events of the past few months leading to the Festivus. It is overwhelming in magnitude and gratitude.
I have been approached may people thanking or complimenting me on our presentation of the Festivus games. I have yet to feel comfortable simply saying “You’re welcome”. What happened on Saturday and in the months leading up to it was a massive CFSTC collective effort.
Expanding the gym and hosting the Festivus was my way of bringing an improved environment and new experiences to all the members of CFSTC. What happened after that was far greater than any one person could imagine.
I have said over and over, and now I will put into print, my greatest talent is the ability to surround myself with amazing people. This is so evident in the coaches of CFSTC. Everyone of your coaches cares. They care about the progress, successes, health and happiness of every member. They are the biggest fans and builders of this amazing community. They are quick to smile and then beat your ass with a WOD. They are a shoulder to lean on and sometimes brutally honest. They are the wheels of this bus and I truly adore each and every one of them. My best friends are within the walls of CFSTC.
Saturdays event was almost a blur. It started, then it was done. Early! My only regret is that I was not able to watch each of our athletes compete in every event. What glimpses I could catch were of hard work and determination. I am so grateful to our photographers who caught moments of greatness from the entire community.
All the athletes trained hard and gave it their best. They committed in the weeks prior to competing and put in hard work. I could not be more proud.
A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers, whose tireless efforts over the past 2 months were what kept the train rolling. It could not have been done without them. From painting, floor laying, judging, equipment management, staging, photography, equipment delivery, maintenance to clean up, it was all done. I don’t know how, it was as if magic elves came in. It was a Christmas miracle!
We also had folks from outside of CFSTC step up to help and support our event. The local CrossFit community is inbred, generous and awesome. We are all growing together.
I certainly could go on for days, and the more I think about who we are the more grateful I am and the more I want to type. In this vast and amazing community, I am wonderfully small. To all those that say “Thank you” I say,
“From the bottom of CrossFit St. Charles’ heart, you are welcome”

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