40 Atlas stone – Ground to Shoulder


Citizens, welcome to the CFStC Hunger Games!

This year’s Hunger Games arena finds us in a vile, bombed out industrial park wasteland and the Head Gamemaker has some surprises in store for our Tributes.

Tributes will face many treacherous conditions such as poisonous chalk dust clouds, a polar vortex, and extreme body odor.

The games will begin with the Tributes selecting a kettlebell and forming a circle around the Cornucopia (AKA the center of the gym). The Cornucopia will consist of bumpers and a variety of kettlebells & slamballs.

The workout will consist of 14 one-minute intervals. Tick tock. Each interval will have a designated movement and rep requirement.

Once the reps for that movement are completed, a Tribute may grab only ONE OBJECT (bumper, kettlebell, slamball) from the Cornucopia.

If a Tribute does not complete the rep requirement by the end of the minute (tick tock) they cannot grab an object from the Cornucopia. As punishment, you will place your heaviest single object back into the Cornucopia, and perform situps for the time remaining in the interval.

Once that minute interval is up, the Tribute rejoins the workout.

At the end of the 14th minute, the person with the most total weight in objects is allowed to live and will be our victor. Hooray!

Movements will be announced when you show up to the arena.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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