Back Squat 5-5-5-5.  Sets across at 70%.  Accommodating resistance (Chains) are available and encouraged!


“ROLF”  (That would be Row + Golf).  Golf attire not required!

                                    Men’s               Women’s        Time

Hole 1: Par 2               250M                185M                 0:45                 KB Swings

Hole 2: Par 1               108M                 80M                  0:20                 Pull-ups

Hole 3: Par 2               310M                245M                1:00                 Wall Ball

Hole 4: Par 1               155M                125M                 0:30                 Abmat Situps

Hole 5: Par 2               205M               150M                0:40                 KB Goblet Squat

Hole 6: Par 1               75M                  50M                   0:10                 Push-Ups

Hole 7: Par 1               104M                78M                    0:20                 Back Extensions

Hole 8: Par 3               295M                215M                  1:00                 Air Squats

Hole 9: Par 1               250M                185M                  0:45                 Abmat Situps

Hole 10: Par 2             120M                 80M                    0:20                Burpees

In teams of 2, one person from your team will take turns rowing a different hole. The goal for each hole is to try reach the listed distance within the time limit for the hole. Each hole will have a par number which will be your multiplier for the movement.

Example: Hole 1 is 250M/185M with a par 2 (multiplier) and a 45-second time limit. The movement is Russian Kettlebell Swings. At the end of 45 seconds you have rowed 245 meters(or 180 for girls). You are 5 meters off the goal. You and your teammate must each complete 10 reps of Russian KB Swings (5 Meters x Par 2) before moving onto Hole 2. Your score for each hole is the number of reps your team had to complete. The combined total number of reps at the end of 10 holes is your score for the workout.  Lowest score wins.  If you reach the goal in the time alloted, your score is zero and you move to the next hole.

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